Sep 27, 2021

38 Elizabeth

 Dine Shop Live That's the motto being used by the company building one of Tauranga's largest downtown new constructions. Known as The Framers Building. It covers an entire city block.

Sep 25, 2021

Birds on the Park

 I have a love hate relationship with birds living by the park. They mess up my house, my car and even my head on the odd occasion. Kingfishers constantly attack our windows. I hate them at cafes where they scavenge food off plates and fly inside and scurry around between tables. I think they can be disgusting. However in their own environment they are amazing creatures. I took my camera out to the park to check out the bird life.

Pigeon (or a Dove?)


Shags just off the park in the harbour.
This guy was in the process of attacking me
These guys are full-on this time of year.

Sep 23, 2021

Nuclear Power

When Australia announced they were entering a contract to build nuclear submarines it made me wonder about nuclear power in general. One surprise was the number of plants in the world today.

USA leads the world, followed, surprisingly by France which is only twice as big (land mass) as New Zealand.

Sep 21, 2021

Lifes Joys

Business friends and associates.
I have met so many people that have been just great to work with, over the world and over the past decades.
Spending time with the grandkids. This is young Jay.
(Note the head never changes 😅)


Home's Where You Make It

The old family homestead at 48 Clarke St Tauranga.
It was a gravel road when we arrived there many years ago. This old house was eventually moved and the RSA built flats on the site. Mum and Dad were grateful to be allocated one of the new flats.
This house has a lot of memories for me and my family (7 people). Humble thought it was, it was home.


Jacinda v The Virus

Level 3 in Auckland today. The battle with Covid continues.


Sep 19, 2021

Tommy & Lewi

 In the pool tonight. Thomas must have used his phone!

Thanks for the pics Tommy, hope you still have a workable phone..

Oh, turns out it was his GoPro

Sep 17, 2021

My Dad

Ken O'Sullivan
 Loved his Rugby. Represented Nelson but I don't know the details.
Looks like he was possibly still in his teens here.
Later years in Totara St Nelson, mum and dads first and only new home. Me with mums mother (my Nana) and an Aussie friend on the right. My big sis Lyn (Aka now as Gidge) sitting. I look like 4 or so. 
Circa 1955.
Looks like he's acting it up here. Not like him. A few beers later perhaps...
Mid 40's. He came back from Egypt and Italy and had been very ill from a bullet wound and pneumonia
We understand this photo was taken during his recovery in NZ.
With mum. In their 50's
Need to check on the year of this as our youngest  was yet to be born by the looks.
Having a formal photo was not like us. But pleased they did it.

Sep 14, 2021


Jay has 'another' brilliant idea😃
Our painters turned up and unexpectedly said they were not just doing the hallway (which we had prepared) but the entire job and they would not leave until it was finished. Lucky for me I was at work....Rob copped the job of an emergency move of all the stuff that the painters need to access the work. They were great and helped, which is very cool. 

Dear old Rob. The ironing must go on.

My office floor. Usually free of stuff but was nice and convenient for a wardrobe clean out dump. For the next few days we are open for view with all blinds and curtains gone! 

More to come...

Sep 13, 2021

Virtual Meetings Virtually Useless

I found this cartoon on the web after writing the comments below.

Virtual Meetings Virtually Useless

 Well for me anyway. I hate them. Yes they are a necessity during the Covid restrictions but long term we will be loosing a lot of value we otherwise can get from personal meetings.

In my experience meetings online are dominated by people who are more than happy to keep talking past their use-by date and talking over the top of the less dominant (and potentially more valuable) participants.

Then there are the people who just sit in, turn off (literally, their video feed and their microphone) and simply just zero out. Then there are the constant technology inadequacies that disrupt the flow of a meeting.

Personally, at a meeting, I like to look at all of the participants, encourage their input and read their body language and reactions to the nuances of matters that are being discussed at the meeting. These are all lost in on-line get togethers. In my view virtual meetings are stop gap measure where real work needs to be done between face to face meetings or a venue for just touching base and covering the more mundane aspects of business that really can be covered by an email.

I agree there is a place for virtual meetings where it comes to training. But its only one of the tools we can use not the panacea to replace face to face learning.

Well that's my bitch for the day but others would disagree as outlined in the linked document below.

On-Line Meetings Should Continue

My Three Grandsons

Jay, Thomas (Tommy), Lewi. (6-13-4 Years Old)
I will reshoot this one day as the boys were looking right into the setting sun.

Sep 11, 2021


 A few snaps during Covid times for us.

Jay and me dismantling a fishing reel and some other things..

Jay and Thomas fishing

Three of us relaxing
A muddy eBike ride during Covid exercise
Wash down and blow dry
Stop at Side Track cafe at the Mount for a feed. Covid level 3. Eating on the street.
Tommy and the boys beat the hell out of my drums. Good fun. Lewi loving it.

Sep 5, 2021

Fathers Day

 Thats my dad with Robyn and mum at our wedding in '77
We miss him. (and mum of course)

Sep 4, 2021

Secret Ingredient

 In great bacon and egg pies?

Tomato! Robyn makes great B&E pies. 

Eggs to be added yet...

Pie pride. Then I get to enjoy them, yum.


The boys and family are in our bubble now it is great to get back to some normality.

Jay was fascinated with the light from his crystal and to be out in the sunshine yesterday. 

He wanted me to post these with a boarder like a photo print