Jan 31, 2023

Pilot Bay This Weekend

 Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Eastern Region Senior Championships

Relocated from the main beach due to atrocious weather. It was a misty, grey and wet day brightened up by all the colours of the event.

Jan 30, 2023

A Barge, Beehive and a Tree

 All of these plus a few posts appeared on the Fergusson park waterfront after the storm. The harbour was like brown soup.

I see more beehives are coming up today as well.

Jan 22, 2023

To The Day

 46 Years ago. Then and now.

Time has flown, lives have changed, family has been made and is flourishing. Grandkids abound and times are as good as we could have wished for all those years ago. We did it Rob. You kept me balanced. Still don't know where my hair went👀

Jan 20, 2023


 I've had the best time with the grandkids on my holidays. Sometimes exhausting, sometimes frustrating but always entertaining and fun.

Lewi and Jay in the sea off of Fergusson park.

Jay diligently doing his (my design!) holiday homework in my office, poor guy. We try to do 40 min a day on week days to keep his brain fresh for school after the break.
We had a hell of a lot of wet days. So we invented versions of Snakes and ladders that involved M&M's as prizes. 
Lewi diligently doing his colouring in. Actually turning out to be a good artist. Loves drawing in the sand.

Jan 16, 2023

Lewi Growing Up

 This boys growing up so quickly. Has a lot to say and is very observant, very....

Crazy hair. With big brother, Jay.

Jan 5, 2023

2022/2023 Christmas and NYE Pic

25th. Lewi with Noodles, Jay with T Shirt

Beautiful table ready to rock. This was at Tarawera in Rob and Sarah's place. Nice.
Fergusson Park fireworks NY eve

Orca in Pilot Bay 4th Jan

Kids with new cuddles
Robyn on NY's day
Fergusson Park,family event that went bad when the bouncy castle got blown away with a big gust of wind. Much emergency vehicle and personnel action followed.