Sep 23, 2012

Hail Mary!

Bet the owners of this building said more than that after a severe hail storm destroyed almost every roof tile. This was the roof of my hotel in St Louis USA last week.

All Blacks On Air New Zealand

Crazy Rugby Colours

Thomas with his one!

Sep 13, 2012

Our Back Yard

The little group of people are the dog brigade. They hook up each night to share the days stories while their animals do likewise AND more!

Sep 8, 2012

Got A Problem Mate?

This Myna on a stick in the wind looking me right in the eye, with attitude!

Spur-Winged Plover

Another Aussie arrival. This guy is kind of ugly with that yellow face mask

Harrier or Kahu

Over the duck pond today. Looking for the chicks I suspect.

Rotorua Landmark

I loved the old phone booth sitting there undaunted along side the old architectural master.

Sep 3, 2012


Circling to land on the pond. Click on image for large version.