Jul 28, 2015

Melbourne Icon Buildings

Port 1010 building, 1010 Latrode St
Digital Harbour Docklands.
Built in 2006 this crazy building is apparently "green" to the core having recieved several environmental awards over the years.
Looks a little bit to me like something from the 60's! (Clockwork Orange?)

Jul 27, 2015

Old Picture Tauranga

Rob sent me this old pic. Intriguing.
My guess is that this is the old sulphur processing plant at Tauranga's Sulphur Point.
Sulphur was mined and ground up on White Island, out from Whakatane. I understand it was then shipped to Tauranga for further processing (perhaps the plant pictured) and used to make fertilizer.
The first sulphur mine on White Island dates back to 1885 and over the years several restart operations  occurred for a variety of reasons. Finally all mining ceased in 1933 due to the depression and the reduced demand for fertilizer.
I may be wrong. More work needed.

Jul 26, 2015

Not Channel 9

No, this is channel Seven's building down at Docklands Melbourne.

Jul 24, 2015

"Curiosity" Mars Lander Graphic

See the previous post to see how this little machine gets to the Mars surface. It's almost a miracle
From Space.com

Mars Lander. How They Do It

This "Reasoned Engineering" watch full screen

Jul 23, 2015

Girls Place

At Chadstone shopping center Melbourne.
With 500 shops to keep Rob busy and me waiting....
Anyway this shop was on the target list. 
 Rob (right) being 'convinced'...
(yes on reflection why did I go?)

Jul 21, 2015

Space. Looking Out

While we are busy waiting for the next amazing picture from the Horizons mission to Pluto don't forget the other missions that are working away in the background on other worlds or actively searching for new worlds.
Hubble 25 years and still making mind blowing discoveries.
This giant cluster of stars in in our galaxy and contains the hottest brightest and most massive stars.
It's called Westerlund 2
 Mars Rover continues to rove the Mars surface. 
This panorama was taken a month ago.
It looks like Papamoa beach! Nothing like what I imagined when I was a boy reading my SF books.
Images from NASA.gov

Jul 19, 2015

Melbourne Panos'

Best viewed on desktop.
Docklands and Etihad Stadium (AFL Country)
I worked here in the 70's on a ship docking when this was the original docklands.
 Federation Square
Victoria Station
 Graffiti. Amazing!
 The Albert. Classic Aussie pub. Awesome sport.

Jul 18, 2015

J Boy Update

Moments caught on Mum and Dads Phone camera
He is a little dude for sure. Loves his fist.
 J of the desert!
 What the?
 Scary eyes
 First press up or head up...

Shameless Selfy

Just found this from night of Robs birthday.

Jul 16, 2015

More From Our Melbourne Trip.

Federation Square Melbourne. 
We spend some time in this area as out hotel was across the street.
 Birrarung Marr Park. The Angel (mosaic) and a couple of locals taking a rest from a run to chat.
More from this park coming. Awesome art.

Jul 14, 2015

New Horizons

In 4 hours time NASA's space probe New Horizons will flash past Pluto at 45,000kph after a 10 year voyage.
Cant wait to see the images and the analysis of this remote planet on the outer edge of our planetary system.
This is Pluto and it's moon Charon against the Earth. Cute aye?
These images from NASA's website.
Artists impression of the fly past moment. Awesome.
So proud of the people that made this happen.

Jul 9, 2015

Something Different

Two unusual pictures from the WWW.
This one is from the year I was born 1949. Spray suntan lotion from a vending machine. It would have to be USA.
We were still in the stone age in good old New Zealand.
 This is Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger in his younger days (you know who it is) showing off to two old girls who do seem somewhat impressed. God that ugly! No steroids here??

Jul 8, 2015


Old. new and just crazy!
Federation Square Melbourne.
There is always something happening here.

Jul 7, 2015

Oh No

We're awake

Little Sis and Kids

Not really kids now.
Sam on the left. Man of the world and chef.
Izzy on the right. A cowboy at heart. 

 Izzy and mum. They have a story to tell......
 Sam and Mum. He takes after his dad. Not short!

Jul 6, 2015

Golfing Team

Now they are taking pictures of me! These phone cameras are something else.
So Rob took this of me in the foreground, Sarah (flag girl) with J strapped in the front loader mid ground and Keno making a quick exit stage left

Jul 5, 2015

Night By The Yarra

The Arts Center Melbourne Spire (165m) 
 Victoria Station (yellow)
 Downtown city lights Melbourne
 Rob. Just to prove she was there...

Jul 3, 2015


Rob having a nice rest and a little read
 So what are we reading?
Would never have guessed.

Balloon Man

His customers never cracked one smile from start to finish. So I gave him a clap. Unfortunately missing his reaction in the process. He was slightly startled seeing I was below and behind him.

Jul 2, 2015

First Deep Water Dip

Looking back at mum for reassurance.
He liked it in the hot pool till mum washed his head then it was all over.
And in the tub. All hands to the job.