Dec 27, 2021

Spud Guns

 So we got the boys a couple of these for Christmas. They were amused and somewhat mystified about the potatoes they unwrapped. We said hold on there's something else coming next that will explain it.

That was until Nana realised she had left the guns at home! Surprisingly the spuds on their own generated some laughs.

Yes Nana, poor form indeed...

Dec 26, 2021

Grandad Lessons

 Murray takes Jay through the basics.

Nice take away
Eye on the ball
Great finish. All natural

Dec 20, 2021

Dec 14, 2021


 Casually looking around the internet on retirement hobbies.

So there a lot to look forward to here!😆 Number 2 looks amazing.....

Here are the 12 best unique hobbies:

  1. Stone skipping. If you love lakes, calm seas and open water, this is the best hobby for you.
  2. Competitive duck herding. The perfect hobby if you have a dog to help you herd.
  3. Stand up comedy. ... 
  4. Tai Chi. ... 
  5. Brewing Beer. ... 
  6. Foraging. ... 
  7. Metal Detecting. ... 
  8. Live-Action Role Playing.

Bright Kite

 Westerlies and high tides bring kite boarders to Fergusson Park Tauranga

Dec 13, 2021

The Lads

The boys came around with cake for the old boys 72nd. Very cool dudes.


Dec 12, 2021

Hose In The Pool

Endless fun. Lewi and Jay spent a lot of time inventing crazy stuff with the hose in the pool yesterday.


3rd December Flight

 Off to Wellington for meetings. Time for a few phone camera shots through the window.

Will we ever forget these bloody masks?

Mt Ruapehu crater lake a beautiful pastel blue from 17,000ft

Flying in to Tauranga over Fergusson Park. (Our back yard) Always good to be home even on a rainy day
We live on the right hand end of the park

Dec 1, 2021

Last Evening

 Moturiki (Leisure island)

Pohutukawa are beautiful already. Our New Zealand Christmas tree.