Mar 31, 2014

Winging It

Over the Mount this evening 

Last Day Of Summer

Mount beach. End of March and the water is still warm, the sun is shining and people are still heading to the beach. Is this global climate change? Bugger!

Its My Bike

Poor kid had no chance with all these adults after his flash new bike.

Mar 30, 2014

Pool Aliens

 Something is not quite right here, goggles perhaps?
 There's that little angel look again

Mar 29, 2014

150 Years Hamilton New Zealand

Balloons over Waikato this morning.
These amazing balloons had a little anniversary  party and we got to be it part of it.

Mar 28, 2014

The Old Album Again

And from about 5 years back
Grace. Her early modeling days!
 Marg & Rob with the grand kids
 Ky's, Thomas, Marg

From The Old Album

Thats us about 10 years back

Mar 26, 2014

Mar 24, 2014

News Factory

The old Bay Of Plenty Times building has been broken down to the ground to make way a $25 million three-storey building.
I can't imagine the stories (real and created) and news that have passed through these buildings. I do clearly remember as a school kid visiting this building and been shown the typesetting process where lead letter stamps were all set in rows letter by letter to make up the printing stamp for the press.  

In the background one of our newer Tauranga buildings.  Meanwhile upfront history slips quietly away.

Nice Surprise

Her mum sent this lovely picture of Grace to me.

Mar 18, 2014


Corsair FG-1D
I can hardly believe this. The RNZAF (yes New Zealand) operated 400 of these during WW11. This one is the last remaining in operation. Capably of 450mph or 725kph and could cruise at 44,000 ft!
The Japanese called it Whispering Death as it had an exceptionally quiet approach apparently.
I just like it!

Nana & Thomas

Robyn and Thomas strolling on the marina walkway during the Sunday storm

Mar 17, 2014

Rena Returns

The Rena salvage operation continues over two and a half years after its grounding on Astralab Reef Tauranga.
This is the top half of the accommodation block weighing over 350 tonnes. It is sitting on the barge Resolve Marine in the Tauranga harbor. This section has been fully submerged most of the time and at 10 meters below the surface to the top.

Mar 15, 2014

Pool Project

 After 25 years of great service and fun for the kids and grand kids it was time to replace the old girl. Not the one with the pole but the one with the water in it.
Robyn and Rob say goodbye 
Six months later a smaller more efficient upgrade is filled for the first time with hot fresh bore water. Nice...
In between stages follow

Grace at Little Waihi

Old NZ Household Brands

This is the book I have been taking the various old brand pictures from. Its a great read and a big trip down memory lane as well as a good look at the old artworks of advertising.
Coke was a status symbol for the kids who could afford it. Similar to Bell Boy bubblegum.
 Mum's choice of washing powder

Pipe Band Championships Tauranga 2014

The NZ Pipe Band Championships were held in Tauranga with 60 bands competing.
I took the camera down for an hour and looked for some of those special moments.
One day at band camp...

 Young drummer