Apr 28, 2020

This Is Interesting

On your bike.
In our city it's a gamble you will make it to work when traffic are at peak levels.

Lock Down Lite 33

Still playing the game. We became carers for grandkids today following the bubble merger rules.
Mum and dad are essential services workers and we have some capacity as Robs not working and I am working at home.
So interesting day.
Lewi and Jay

Good Morning

Some images from Melbourne
Such a great city to walk around.

Apr 27, 2020

This is Interesting

Could be the start of a new technology stream.
Our phones could charge by just leaving them in a cool dark room overnight.
Feeling happy? While not at the top we make it into the top list.
Size of font = happeness

Lock Down 32

Level 3 in 8 Hours
(Level 4 lite)

CV-19 Facts and Data

Here is the real oil on this virus pandemic. More facts and data than I have seen elsewhere.

Good Morning

Grace #1
 G is a very special person. The only girl among our wider family of grandsons and my brother and sisters 'all boys' families.
But more Grace is a cool person and just getting on with her busy life.

Apr 26, 2020

Good News

Maybe why we don't hear the term 'acid rain' like we used to in the 70's 80's
 Never thought of it like this

Lock Down 32

Sometimes the worst mess can turn into something amazing.
(Red Checkers 2012)

Sign of The Times

I think we are also dumbing down in lock up.

Good Morning

Extended bubble 


I think many people have taken to exercise simply to get out of the house over the last thirty plus days. For most of my life I have exercise daily, usually twice a day once on my own and once with Rob. However being constrained to 'local' activities I developed a little program for myself to do daily outside my back gate to the park. It's surprising over thirty days just how much can be achieved. I did a tally as follows.
Run = 108km (park lengths)
Push ups = 2400
Planks = 2 hours (combined)
Back exercise = 2 hours (4 variations)

What I haven't counted are the bottles of beer, gin, tonic and wine we have consumed! We know its way higher than usual because suddenly we almost need two recycle bins. Also I am thinking of getting a lid for ours so the neighbours can't see our problem. Right now I am putting it down to stress relief. Might need to step up that exercise....

Apr 25, 2020

Lock Down 31

Are we getting healthier as a result or sicker?

Sign of The Times


Previous years at the Mt Maunganui ANZAC war memorial cenotaph.
Seeing all these people together seems strange after 31 days of social distancing and staying at home.

Good Morning

Least we forget
Dawn Service for our street

 Warren. Lieutenant Colonel, NZ Army
A great neighbour

Warren and Julia

 A fitting sunrise for the last post.
I had dads medals in my pocket per usual and it was a time for me to remember his service to NZ while in WW2 in campaigns in North Africa and Italy. He came back home wounded. Mum was also in the NZ army serving in the WAAC's