Oct 29, 2015

Graffiti 2

Work in progress
 The tools
 Next steps
 Messy work

Graffiti, Who Does This stuff?

This guy is looking at the art and pulling a ready pen thingy out of his pocket.
 Spies an empty space
 Adds his message...
I suspect it will be lost in the galaxy of competition.

Oct 28, 2015


Can you think of a better place for a dog to be tied close to?
Assuming the leash chain is long enough for him to reach the post with a well placed back leg.

G's New Dress

T's new face..

Oct 22, 2015


That's the family Morris from about 60 years ago. Mum, with one of us boys and not sure who the girl is.
 Me on the left, Ken (bro) on the right. You can just see he would have been a PITA!
 Thomas from a few years back. He was mimicking Nana!
 Me a week back in the Redwoods on the mountain bike. Looks like I have a gut growing back and front!

Oct 20, 2015

Cool Pics

I am so lucky my family send me some of their best and current shots.
This is my buddy Grace with her new top.
 This is from my sis from her (and bro in law's) trip to Europe.
I think this is in Ireland. So quaint! Wish I was there to see this stuff first hand.
One day.

Oct 7, 2015


We played at Walton in the Waikato. It was stunning (no not the skill and finesse) the course.
Even when you are kicking yourself for that last bad shot you can still enjoy just being out their with your mates. This is a challenge for POS to get out there with us. Clean off those clubs.
My Bro and me
 Rob and me.
Both these guys (rob and Keno) are way better than me. I suck, for now. Working on it.
 I watch on while Keno does a special and secret dance over the ball before he smacks it out of bounds....

Oct 1, 2015