Jul 30, 2014

Jul 28, 2014

Beautiful Tauranga Water

We can all remember when we were kids how great it was when you were hot and thirsty to rush to the hose or outside tap and gulp down the water despite the fact that it may have been warm with a plastic taint. 
Not this time....

Jul 27, 2014

Birds Tonite

As the sun goes down the birds are on the move.
Grey Heron

 Kingfisher with crab (dinner)

Jul 25, 2014

Quick Stroll

Out at sunrise downtown Wellington.
These discs are the work of Louise Purvis and called Seismic Shock
Old red brick building on the wharf. Normally looking old and depressing comes to light at dawn.
 Railway Station and Pigeons checking on the time..... 
A local landmark and historic building opened for business in 1937

Jul 24, 2014

Monochrome Sunrise

Even without the dazzling colour of a sunrise the clouds at this time of morning can be stunning

Jul 23, 2014

Night Signage. Mt Maunganui

 I wonder what people will think about these humble illuminated signs at the Mount in 100 years time should they stumble over old pictures or this era.

Jul 21, 2014

Australasian Gannet

Take off. Phase one
 Phase two (what the hell is this?)
 Phase three, airborne
 Full power
 Back to the hunt. Mt Maunganui in the background

The Boys

Y'know back in the day the waves were much bigger than this......

Jul 19, 2014

Mount Main Beach In Winter

 More Mount beach
Love that push chair. Could not see anyone nearby. It was just there!


By The Bridge

Down by the rail bridge in Tauranga.
Old building rubble
 White dingy

Jul 17, 2014

Solace In The Wind

Bronze sculpture on the Wellington waterfront.
Max Patte's Solace of the Wind (2008) leans north into the harbour's harsh gales while displaying its own inner tranquility.

Jul 16, 2014

From The Old Album

Jocelyn (friend of Lyn), Lyn (AKA Gidge), Baby Coll, Ken
Circa 1960
Circa 1957

Jul 14, 2014

Mount Beach Sunday

A messy surf from a week long storm and sea fog made things more interesting than usual this weekend.
Waves exploding on mussel rock.
 Rough surf 
This is a new style I notice quite a few people practising....
 Current takes surfers down the beach and they walk back to the break

Super Moon

One of this years super moons setting over Matua.
Watch out for the extra large moon on the 11th of August