Sep 21, 2015

Between Showers

A burst of colour contrasted against storm clouds. Mt Maunganui wharf and Pilot Bay moored boats.
Looks to me like the rainbow poured the colour into the scene.


Sitting on his Pops knee, red as..(teething?) grinding his gums on an orange. Oh, and watching TV!

Sep 16, 2015

Stress Management

Worth a watch. Lots of good advise and a refreshing and believable perspective

Sep 15, 2015

Rain On water


Grace the bunny
Thomas the girl!

 Its true, as you get old your nose does keep growing when everything else is shrinking!

Sep 14, 2015

Those Bloody Lights

For thirty years we have been privilaged (and taxed) to enjoy an unimpeded view of the park, harbour and the Kaimai range from the front rooms and lawn of our home. We loved and appreciated it daily.
Then one day these giant nails appeared all over the park (this is early morning in that pristine light).
View gone! But hold it this is something we just have to suck up in the name of sport and the community. Ok deep breath and move on....
 But hold it, that night they turned on these nails and behold blinding light!
I mean blinding. Our homes along the park and two streets back were illuminated in stage quality bright lights. Curtains and blinds were transparent to the extreme wattage these babies emmitted.
 Now we are not ones to complain and we never did.
Luckily one of our more vocal and local activists did speak up and a few weeks later they rejigged the lights to be less intrusive at night.
But by day to me they are brilliant silver nails that have been driven all over our beautiful vista.
I know in time we will see past them and get back to the real beauty of where we live. The human brain is an amazing creation when it comes to seeing past things you don't want to see.

Sep 9, 2015

On The Harbour

I said all together boys!
Sea Scouts getting the hang of team work, or not...
Coastguard and Kayakers 
 Then off to a job. Just like International rescue
Curious collection of piles at the marina and a navigation tower

Sep 7, 2015

Seal On The Rocks

So I am down at the Sulphur Point marina looking to see whats going on. It was a grey old morning so  I was not expecting much when I noticed a seal swimming toward the rocks. Now in some parts of the world these guys are prolific but not around here (although of late their numbers are growing)
So I watched and took some shots of the show.
Every now and then it would look back toward me almost saying "how's that?"

 Arms with big hands and short legs with big feet, amazing.
 I love this one. I missed the mid lift darn it...

 He pops out at the top
 A quick scratch
One proud seal

Sep 6, 2015

My Old Man. Fathers Day.

My dad, Ken, was a good bugger. Never said that much at home because mum was the boss.
But these are some of the good things I learnt from him over the years. Not because he said as much but because thats how he was.
  • Do your very best.
  • Don't complain and make the best of what you have (he had nothing but us kids, all 5 of us, plus his work)
  • Be honest.
  • Work hard, be helpful.
  • Have a laugh when ever you can.
  • Don't be a prick when you are dealing with other people.
This picture is mum and dad from way back.
Dad died 31 years ago aged 63. He would have loved our grandkids and the big family we enjoy now. He came from a massive 'catholic' family with a mongrel as a father. Went to war in North Africa and Italy and came home wounded. He married mum, who was also in the army, not long after he got back from the war. 

Sep 5, 2015

Zebra Reflection

A striking reflection like design on a high-rise building in Melbourne city.
Plus a real life reflection. 

Then & Now

 Thomas, then. About 5 years ago.
Thanks for the pic Link
Now. I took this a week or so back. 

Sep 4, 2015


If I look at our power bill you would think this is at our place.
But no this is Australia's No1 chandelier supplier in Melbourne.

Beautiful Sight

 Winters evening looking toward the Kaimai range.
Looking in the other direction toward Mauao. Our little mountain.

Sep 3, 2015

Ace Of

After hours. Spades take a rest after a hard days work in the Wellington Botanical gardens.


 Rob puts on a one girl show for the crowd (me) in this old bandstand in Wellington's botanical gardens. Never seen this before but I am sure the locals know all about it.
Such a lovely and clever design.

Sep 2, 2015

Transmission Towers

Desert Road, volcanic plateau.
On one hand I think these structures are a blight on the landscape. On the other they are imposing and I guess important!