Jul 31, 2012

Air New Zealand 737-300

Soon to be phased out. This 737 (one of the newer ones) taking off from Auckland early yesterday.

Jul 30, 2012

Sunday Yacht Race

Tauranga on Sunday 29th. It was blowing hard from the North East
 Jade Lady tacking

 Another contestant

Jul 22, 2012

Container City

Not Legal

Well you never know what you may find down at the beach. This little half legal size spiny lobster (red crayfish) was in the mud in about 100mm of water. Very strange.

Jul 20, 2012

Get Rid Of It

For years now the Tauranga harbour has been plagued with this green lettuce. It has become a real problem for fishermen, beach lovers and people living near the water. It contaminates the environment and smells like hell when it rots in the sun. The council try to clean it up but it comes right back. There is a study underway now to find out the cause (probably man made) and if there is a remedy. Meanwhile Grace tries to put it back where it came from.

In The Garden

Last evening at sunset. The soft light picks up the subtle colours especially noticeable in the background

Jul 18, 2012


Flax bush seed heads. Can be seen all around the coast, lakes and rivers of New Zealand.

Jul 17, 2012

Champs-Elysees Paris France

This shot taken by Rob & Sarah during their recent world trip.
They knew this was a special spot for me as this is the finishing road circuit for the Tour de France and we will see the battle of July unfold here in just anther couple of weeks time.


Taken during WWII period. My mum in her 20's.  Posted this before but worth a revisit.
She was in the WAAC for 3 years.

Fall Of Giants

Currently reading this 1000 page book on Kindle. So far so good, very good in fact.

Jul 15, 2012

Hang On

It took Grace a while to pluck up the courage

The Catch

Waits for the moment and dives out of the trees by the waterfront
 Flies out seeks his prey 
Spots it puts the brakes on and dives 
The catch. A worm from the mud below the sea lettuce

Jul 11, 2012

Strange Statue At Te Puna

Pleasure or Pain? Not sure which.

Florida USA

Whenever I travel and see signs like this of places we have heard about for most of our lives its hard to believe I am actually there