Aug 29, 2017

2012 Remember Rena

The Rena struck Astraolab Reef out from Tauranga.
The wreck has been partially cleared and nothing sits above the water now.
At the time this was a major event for the district with cargo loss and oil spills on local beaches.
The clean up went one for years!
These shots were taken from the Mount many K's away with my Canon 400mm lens.

 Rob, watching me take the Rena shots

Aug 27, 2017

With Jay

Jay wanted me to take pics of him by these posters!
He is still recovering from his accident at preschool and has been a little bit 'careful'.

At the beach

Aug 24, 2017

The View

Flying from Christchurch to Nelson today was as good as it gets.
Perfect visibility, snow on the southern alps and a really smooth ride.
My phone could not capture the true beauty but that's all I had with me.

 Note the repetitive shapes in the landscape

Aug 20, 2017

Adobe Development

Adobe are playing with new face manipulation software.
Some members of our clan here.
Wonder if they can guess the one at the bottom which is showing how one might age.

Good News

You can't do this with digital media.
Spotted in a downtown Tauranga shop window.
Clever and creative.

Aug 19, 2017

The Old Boy

Kids with phones, don't ya love them...


Paul took this shot and I grabbed it.
Because what are the chances (see below)
 Grace and Thomas caught perfectly with breaks in the water, amazing.

Aug 14, 2017

Can You Believe This?

From the early cold war period.
I have started something here for myself. The current rheoteric between the USA crazy guy and the Korean crazy guy has me digging back through all the old stuff we were exposed to as kids.
This is classic...
Even scary. So you stay down for a full minute and then arise to face a world of radiation and devastation.
Nice work.


That was then

When We Were Kids

 Not again..
Build a shelter, how to!
 A nuke shelter for the well off...It has a lawn on top.
 Whats changed? (From the cold war period)

Aug 13, 2017

Jayden and Lewis

The boys. Lewis is surprising us all, he gets bigger each time we see him.
Jay is 28 months old and Lewis 2 1/2 months!

Aug 8, 2017

At Sulphur Point Marina

A nice easy start to the Sunday race at Tauranga Yacht Club down at the marina.

 Fishing goes on regardless.