Mar 27, 2018

At Tarawera Lake

 We had a great time at the lake with the wider family.
Check out the hot tub!
Picture taken from Robs drone.

Construction Puzzle

The new Waikato university building Tauranga

Mar 24, 2018

The Other Boys

Lewi and Dad (Rob) at the lakes today.
Check out that finger. It's Lewi's little thing right now. Maybe he is calling home! Remember ET?

The Boys

Kyle & Jay
Kyle is here from  the UK with mum and dad. I was lucky enough to spend some time with these cool kids and the rest of the clan up at Lake Tarawera today.

Mar 23, 2018

Old Work

Found this from years ago. A space scene I made in an early version of Photoshop.
That's when I could be bothered....

2013 Races Tauranga Harbour

Action and $$$$
 Serious rooster

 Close to the sound barrier
 Start line

Mar 21, 2018

Melbourne. Crazy Architecture

Like it or hate it, its there right in your face. I think its fun to enjoy first time around  but my guess is that the novelty would quickly wear off and the yuck factor would follow there after.
Interesting none the less. Who the hell is 1010 or is it IOIO (off to work we go...)?

Mar 17, 2018

The Post

I never thought till later. I hope that post was in reach other he was in doggy hell.
Taken in a back street lane Melbourne.

Mar 16, 2018

Must Be Dreaming

Did I wake up in Smurf city?
Found out later it was a Melbourne Football club gathering at Flinders station.

Mar 15, 2018

More Old Album

Maybe on interest to family.
Ken & Pauline (Mum & Dad)
This was taken when we lived on 48 Clarke St Tauranga.
My guess is the 60's
Like the tie dad!
 Violet, Dad's Mother.
Had a hell of a life. Looks like army tents in the background.
But whats that flying saucer thingy left or her?
Something on the hill in the background?
This will be from late 30's maybe mid 40's

Mar 12, 2018

From The Old Album

With my dad up one of the rivers in Nelson. Early 50's
Must have been still in the 50's but I suspect this taken after we moved to Otumoetai Tauranga.
With Rocky our dog. Why did they dress me up for these pictures? The only time I had shoes on my feet was to go to church.

Number 11

Paul, finishing after his first triathlon.
He put a hell of a lot of effort into doing this and looks in good shape to me.
(not wrecked enough...)

Mar 7, 2018

New Construction

Another skyline changing construction downtown Tauranga.
Steel is the real deal these days.

At The Mount

On the boardwalk, harbour-side.
Things you see...
 This very cool old coffee maker. Or is it a Saxon war helmet??

Evacuation Vehicles

Looking for high ground? Take a bike..