Jan 29, 2022

Early Days

 Hang Gliding from the Mount (Mauao) circa early 80's

I recall taking a lot of photos of these way back. They fascinated me for some reason.

Jan 28, 2022

Jays Swing

 Starting to get some 60 meter plus hits with his seven iron.

Just Pics

Oh ya bike Jay
With Tommy. They messed around like this till they looked older than me!
Very strange light over the park during the last rain.


Jan 23, 2022

Various Last week

Breast Cancer survivors Dragon boating Tauranga harbour. Go girls
The annual pool scrub. Quite a mission in the summer heat.
Relaxing in Napier
Jay on the tramp. He mastered back flips in about 10 seconds.
Tommy loved the view
Range Rover. Very striking colour with a matt finish
At the Waiouru war museum. Rob with her favourite Americano with pouring cream
Jay relaxing in the backyard in the cool.
A strange painting I am keen on buying


Jan 22, 2022

45 Years ago Today

We did this!
 I may have been in trouble here..
A very cheeky young lady, still is..
With mum and dad on the day

Jan 18, 2022

Cyclone Cody Waves

 While not a cyclone when it reached the east coast of NZ some good waves were seen at the Mount Maunganui beaches.

Jan 14, 2022

Spot The Queen

A nice brunch at L'arte Cafe & Gallery at Acacia Bay Taupo. This is part of the outdoor display. Pretty amazing.

Jan 13, 2022

Vinyl Is New School

 Clearly I am not the only one building up (rebuilding) a vinyl LP collection. It seems to be making a big come back especially since CD and Digital LP sales have dropped in favour of streaming. So this 100 year old plus technology sits alongside modern streaming in regard to growth rates.

Jan 12, 2022


 Jay, a recent L&P fan, did not believe it came in supersized bottles. So here is the evidence mate😀 But Countdown will be out of stock of this baby. 

Jan 10, 2022

Base Track

 Any walk around the Mount is rewarded with beautiful and sometimes moody views

New Kulim Park

Tommy and Jay trying out some of the new stuff at Kulim Park. The council have done a great job with this popular park with a much needed upgrade.


Jan 8, 2022

Out and About

Cold Trumpets in the hot pool
Shopping at Countdown, well trying to.
A stroll around the mount with Jay and Lewi (Must stop this thumbs up thing)
With Nana

Bit of rock climbing
Then ice creams
Nana. The sun was too much


Jan 2, 2022

Red Bands

 Even Santa (Jay) wears Red Bands

April 2017 (Must have been a late Christmas)

Red Band Story

Jan 1, 2022

Covid Booster Kids and Stuff

Jays new favourite. Good old L&P
Jedi and our 'lightsabres' 
These two dudes are getting on great these days.

 Now for my story and the Covid Booster.

30 hours ago Rob and I had our boosters. I was a little apprehensive as I had a reaction to the second vaccination. But I rationalised that surely this one would be better seeing I already must have had a good reservoir of appropriate antibodies. But no. I am feeling like crap right now very tired, fluish and every old injury is flaring up along with my arthritis lumpy fingers. Hate to say it but the injection site is hurting like hell as well. It's not that I am new to vaccinations I have had them annually for most of my life. So I am just logging it here and will monitor progress. Bugger!

48 hours later (3rd). Still a bit tired but otherwise 90% ok. Went to the top of the Mount this morning no problem.

Just wait out the next couple of weeks for the full protection to kick in. 

Rob never had any side effects!