Oct 29, 2020

Old Wood

Turoa Mt Ruapehu
Some beautiful old logs and pristine fields you can see during summer in these normally snow and ice covered areas.


Oct 26, 2020


Jay in my office. He said these glasses make everything clear and big....
The best coffee in Tauranga's Robert Harris
Amazing colour suddenly appeared in the garden of neighbours


Oct 22, 2020


Moon rise. Our back door view over the harbour
Tauranga harbour bridge
I love these boulders down the east coast
Main Mount beach


Oct 18, 2020

Faulkners Park. Jay Today

 We stumbled on this beautiful park in Tauranga, Off Waihi Road.

Well worth a look. 


Oct 15, 2020

Pilot Bay Mt Maunganui 1980's

I may have put this up before. It reminds me of quieter times when we lived at the Mount.
This was obviously a storm brewing.


Tauranga Harbour Entrance

2016 dredging the entrance and in this case the Tania shelf (rock) to improve the workable depth of the entrance for the newer massive container ships. A 24/7 job.


Oct 13, 2020

2017 Highlights

Fixing our fence
Rob with her Ruger 77/17 at the Tokoroa range
Another trip into the loft during a storm to fix a bloody leak
Grace in white. My first visit to one of her encounters at her Jujitsu comp
Nice job
The best way to finish
Thomas and Grace
Taking aim at a long distance target at Immers farm. Thanks you two I enjoyed it.
Three hits out of three
Sarah, Lewi, Jay, Rob
Keno having a great laugh at Lewi's first birthday 
Jay on a big day out
Ky's fashion photo shoot
Rob in the tree tops in Rotorua in the rain


Oct 10, 2020

Shark Story

I have told this little story to my family and had forgotten that I had taken a photo. So it was great to find this slide in  my old collection.

After a day of diving at Mayor island my buddy and I headed off to the Aldermen Islands a few kilometres to the north west of Mayor. Actually quite remote. They have been described as sheer, majestic and brutally breathtaking. Our mission, seeing it was a lovely evening with unusually calm seas, was to anchor up for the night and do a night dive. We geared up, I had my camera and we had great dive lights all ready to go.

Prior to slipping into the dark we decided to bait up a shark line with a large Trevalley caught earlier in the day and leave it on the deck till after the dive.

The dive was awesome as most of my night diving experiences have been. Hard to describe frankly. We surfaced after about an hour and sat on the dive platform at the back of the boat doing the usual post dive rave. Reaching back on to the deck my buddy threw in the baited shark line and BANG something bloody big took the line instantly. It turned out to be this shark you can see in this picture. You might imagine the thoughts we had rolling around in our heads for the next few hours. We suspect we had been followed. I think it was a Mako shark.

Oct 8, 2020

Norway a Breakthrough

This just shows us what can be done.

n 1970, 101 children died in traffic accidents in Norway. That number has declined ever since, reaching zero for the first time in over a century. How? Road safety campaigns. Lower speed limits. Less driving in built-up areas. New cycle lanes and electric buses. A recognition that one traffic death is one too many.


Oct 7, 2020

Old Mount

 The Mount Soundshell on Mt Drury
Miss Mount Maunganui 1967, 17-year-old Robyn Grubb.
I knew her family.
Family names!

Oct 5, 2020


 So happy to get this pic of G tonight. Had to get it on the blog

And same girl in 2007

Oct 4, 2020

Remember These?

 I do this on a regular basis just to remind myself of the importance of a vaccine for C-19 to the Tauranga economy.

Then and Now

July 2019. An old landmark building in Tauranga's Willow St comes down.
Now, in October 2020, the new building is up and empty!


Then and Now

Early 80's. House most likely built in the 50's.
Ocean Beach Rd by Mt Drury
On the exact same site 2020's
On the road front.
This is Gareth Morgans 'prison like' mansion.



I must have had something about gates as I found these pictures in my old collection.
Rob and me somewhere up the Kaimai
This was a well known spot on Ocean Beach Rd
looks like and old Merc in the background
The house is still there at the base of the Mount
Moffits Rd


Oct 2, 2020

Remember Sydney

Its been a while. I took these 8 years ago. Time to go back once we are allowed.