Oct 31, 2010

Thomas with the family fire truck.

Thomas found this in the cupboard. 23 years ago his uncle Rob just loved this fire truck.
It's really strange to hear the familiar siren-bell sound screaming around the lounge again.

Oct 25, 2010

Keen as!

Cafe 88. All new at the Mount

Great coffee here guys.  In fact it's wild!

Jeff Peet. The Orchard.

I was fortunate to meet Jeff and his wife Shelley over the weekend when Robyn and I went to look at
"THE ORCHARD"  a 5 acre lifestyle block that has a very large and established garden area that can be hired as a wedding venue. This is a beautiful spot and clearly is a total passion of Jeff's as he explains the work done so far and plans for the future. I created this slightly gritty looking portrait from a quick snap I took almost while he wasn't looking!
Check out his web site http://www.jeffpeet.co.nz/

Oct 20, 2010

Paraglider Mauao Tauranga New Zealand

New CPR method. This could save lives.

This is a new method and it's an easy technique. Check it out on this LINK
Click on the link to see the YouTube video.

Global Conference St Louis USA

This was a truly unique experience for me. It was an opportunity to meet coatings people from around the world and spend a week exploring ways that we, and the companies we represent, can work together under the Carboline Brand to bring harmonised service and product line to our customers around the globe.
A great bunch of people and a very impressive organisation. We had some fun as well working from daylight till well after dark.

Oct 15, 2010

Rob (Workmate) with his new family.

Just a slight hint of stress there Rob but otherwise looking just excellent.

Room With a View

After a long day and a work dinner out it was great to come back to the hotel and sit on the ledge in my window (inside of course) and have a quiet beer and look out on this.

Oct 4, 2010

LAX "where the big jet engines roar" (From a 70's song)

On my recient trip to St Louis I had a quick stop at Los Angeles Airport. A short walk down the road and you can see jets of all sizes flying right over the road and over head. While not a big airport by todays standards it's busy...real busy.