May 28, 2015

Departing Queenstown

Queenstown airport on a grey day. Simply the worst airport do drive out of or into. The roads are super confusing and you can arrive and leave several times before you do either if that makes sense...
 Right after take off, lake Hayes. Very close to Arrowtown. It looks like my old college lapel badge. A shield.
 Looking back to Queenstown area
 The Remarkables I think. Certainly looks like a summer ski field.
 On the way back to Tauranga. Mt Taranaki (Egmont)

Cross Country

The kids had their school cross country today at the local park. It was sunny and cool. Beautiful.
Their dad sent me these shots.
Grace second from the left with her age group. Nana far left in pink cap NOT in her age group. Nowhere near it in fact. But she is outstanding in her field!
Grace on the run. She was not happy with her race. I am not allowed to say where she got. It was not where she had her sights set! There is always next year Grace. (start working on it girl)
 Thomas in the red shirt with white sleeve stripes. Starting off with his age group. Don't know where he finished but i bet he will have a few "I was the best" stories to tell us when he stays over this weekend. Check out those legs!


Tauranga Art Gallery
It's better inside!

Piccadilly Arcade

I bet most locals have walked over this many times without seeing it.

May 26, 2015

Bell 'Huey'

With a history of distinction behind this amazing machine it checks out of the RNZAF for the last time with a final tour of duty.
On the 15th of May The last few Iroquois of the RNZAF took local Vietnam vets for a trip over Tauranga. I was in my home office when I heard that very distinctive thump, thump sound and rushed outside with my camera and was lucky to catch them flying over.
I can remember clearly as a teenager watching the nightly Vietnam war news reports on our scratchy old black and white TV. Without exception the Huey always featured. 
If you want to know more about their Vietnam story read an amazing book called Chickenhawk

May 23, 2015

After Hours

This is when the chairs get to sit on the tables!

Double Rainbow

Stormy skies around Hampton Downs just south of Pokeno

Patches Of Light

Central Otago.
A massive irrigator can be seen in the top picture. Click to enlarge it.

Robyns Pictures

A small collection of her work.
click on the top image to scroll through larger views
 Poolside service for the rats
Her little vege garden
In pots as well
Ingrediants for the best soup in the world
Four pics below....Me!

Mars Crater Newly Named, Robyn May

So, what to get for mothers day?
Something a little different? I named a crater on Mars for Rob.
Now called called Robyn May 2.29k wide
I thought it was appropriate given that she has had a big impact on many lives, mine especially.
Mars latitude: -7. 36 deg N
Mars longitude: 100. 53 deg E
Uwinga Mars District 3430
Province 393

May 21, 2015

May 20, 2015

Pumpkin Party

These look alien to me. If you look at them for a while it looks like big fat sausage like claws have wrapped themselves around hapless regular pumpkins! 
Must stop taking those pills......

May 19, 2015

The Rats

Nana's got a camera now. 
She snapped these. Nice
Grace with blueberry smoothy chin! (Poolside service...not by me)
 Thomas Hulk

Sterling Falls Milford

There was little rain at the time so the falls were not as impressive as their reputation.
None the less beautiful and the tourists seemed keen judging by the phone action.

May 18, 2015


Milford Sound Fiordland meets the Tasman Sea (To the left)

May 17, 2015

Nice Day For A Climb

 Aircraft departing Queenstown airport
Rob with lake Whakatipu in the background

Wanaka Area

Taken from the lake edge where the water level had dropped due to the drought in the area. 
Snow cover in the winter will transform this picture. Love to catch that!

Central Otago Homes

 Lovely, and no doubt expensive, homes with stunning outlooks.
Many are clad with the locally quarried rock called Schist.