Dec 31, 2023

Just Stuff

A drip a drop..
Halloween. Robs LED mask.
A wooden jigsaw puzzle. Most unusual but striking almost 3D.
Finished it.


Dec 29, 2023

Xmas Day

 Great start with Rob, Sarah and the boys and with Gran and Grandad at the lake batch.
Loved it.
Then the horror started!
Robyns new LED face treatment.....
I ran away and finished my puzzle


Dec 24, 2023


 Matakana Island is on fire again!
Later three helicopters with buckets attacked it. Not out yet 24 hours later.
Latest puzzle
Thomas's 16th. With Lewis and Jay
Jay in goal.
It all about foiling now on Tauranga harbour. These things can fly even in light air. Thanks America's cup.

Dec 6, 2023

Deadly Kickers

 Jay plays 5 a Side Football on a Thursday evening in a team called Deadly Kickers. It's great fun and they are developing into a good team. They are in blue.

A few shots. 

The girls in the team are just great and get right amongst it making a big difference. This is Vienna on the ball.
Noah, Jay and Emmerson
Jay scored a good goal. They celebrate
Noah, a very good player and football fan.
Blue on the ball

A turn in goal