Oct 28, 2018

More Changes Down Town

The Farmers building is coming down.
Down town Tauranga will be barely recognisable in a couple of years.
Meanwhile Chaos!

 Large drill on the site
 My mum shopped at Farmers
 Just up the road the old IRD building is being transformed under white wrap

Oct 27, 2018

Those Little Moments

 Lewi touches down on Pops knee for a quick visit
One crazy kid
Jay getting older but we still hang out
Will never forget Jays big joy in life PASTA and CHEESE by the bucket load

Oct 23, 2018

Majestic Princess

Tauranga New Zealand
With 19 decks 1780 cabins this amazing cruise ship slipped quietly into the harbour just before sunrise last Monday

 The arrival seemed to trigger the start of one of our near perfect days and people came out just to be part of the action.
With 3560 guests and 1346 crew on board who would not be impressed or in my case amazed.
Locals enjoying the best day in ages
 Mt Maunganui or Mauao is a familiar site and landscape feature to locals but my guess is that to cruise ship visitors it is a distinctly unique place and they will remember their visit here because of it.

 1,083 feet long and 224ft high

Oct 16, 2018

From The Old Album

More family stuff from the old book.
Rob. I am very proud of her achievements and dedication to her nursing career which went on to include part time work and home assistance to cancer patients once the kids came along. And as you can see No1 is in the oven!!
Rob with the first kid, Paul, 3 years old. Not sure how I remember that.....
 Remember those candles that kept re igniting and the cake ended up covered in spit from twenty blow out attempts ? 
Some years later Paul gets on his bike. Looks like I must have been to Louisville sometime just before this pic was taken

Oct 15, 2018


Cool street art at the Mount

 Jay and I went exploring

 Jay took these...when we got half way up the Mount

We checked out the not so impressive light house.
 Rob changing Lewi after a swim in the pool

Oct 10, 2018

From The Old (and new) Album

My younger bro is currently laid up with a knee replacement in the process of healing.
It's painful and forcing him to sit on the couch binge watching Ozark!
Well this is him sitting on my lap about 62 years ago. Nice dress Keno.
My older sis has just had a big birthday but this is her about 68 years ago with me on her lap.
 My sis Gidge and hubby Tama cooking whitebait fritters on her 72nd birthday
 Then later! This is a shot taken by one of her boys.
72 and still crazy and rockin.
Seriously, our family. I don't know how our partners in life handle all all the shite they have to put up with.

Oct 1, 2018


What next? 
These people were having a ball and I was totally mystified as to what it was all about till a story came up on Sunlive. See info link.
Great to see this somewhat eccentric style of event in good old Tauranga