Mar 26, 2024

Beautiful Tauranga Harbour

Pilot Bay 

The Mount (Mauao)
Ships and boats, a harbour feature.

Not the harbour but from the top of Mauao for sunrise
Cloud patterns, never the same twice.

Another special sunrise

 White boats in the Sulphur Point Marina

Mar 25, 2024

Light Bugs

 Latest Jigsaw from New Your Puzzle Company

Somewhat challenging...

Mar 10, 2024

Weekend Stuff

We checked out Te Puna Quarry and did the long bush walk. Nice but steep.
Jay sees something unusual while Lewis gets an insect in his hair and goes crazy trying to remove it.
The kids like the old digger there.
No, not an old Aussie a machine.
A very unusual little dingy spotted in the harbour. Looks like its from a movie set.
Tauranga is changing slowly. The crane is at the new Tauranga city council site.
Relaxing after the Quarry walk. Jay found a knife.
Lewis is artistic and diligent about it.