Feb 26, 2019

Holy Trinity Cathedral Parnell

Striking and edgy exterior design.
Inside is something else. More on that soon.

Feb 25, 2019

When You Die

This is according to my 3 almost 4 year old grandson
When you die, the doctor comes and you get a new T-Shirt and a new face and you are alive again....

Feb 21, 2019

Feb 17, 2019

Growing Up

Jay growing up now. We went for our first bike ride together. He was trialing his new bike bag with his water and treats in it.

Feb 14, 2019


Nice sunrise under rail bridge
 Another white castle in town. The old IRD building under wraps. The stories that building could tell would be something else..
 Crazy Jay
 Jay entertaining me with his new harmonica and my good golf glasses. Is nothing safe??

Feb 12, 2019


Right at the western end of Tauranga harbour lies the second entrance in the harbour to the Pacific.
Bowentown is situated at the western side of this entrance.
It has been many years since Rob and I have made a visit and it was well worth it. Such a beautiful spot and a great place for a beach holiday it seems.
Unlike some of the more overly populated and commercialised northern Coromandel holiday destinations, Bowentown to us, had a vibe more like old NZ summer holiday spots.
 Anzac bay
 Rob with Karewa Is and the tip of the Mt just visible. This is the entrance.
 88m climb to the top of Pa Head
 C'mon old girl...
 The entrance bar and Matakana Island pine forest
 A good surf
 Active and dangerous bar with Mayor Is on the horizon
 Happy to be at the top

 Great place to fly the drone apparently

Feb 6, 2019

2013 Fast Boats Tauranga

In May 6 years ago the harbour was alive with fast boats.

 Serious gear
 Crazy speeds
 And crazieer people. Can't imagine sking at this pace. Fall off and next second you are under the prop of the following boat

 Turning on a dime

Feb 2, 2019


I have walked around the Mount (Mauao) for decades and always wanted to nip out to the little rock island on the South West side where the Bronze statue of Tangaroa stands.
I had a chance at the very low tide recently.