Mar 25, 2016

From The Old Album.PO'S

Circa  1979-1984 
This one with his pop, Ken (my dad)
And Nana Pauline (my mum)
Awesome! Our cool TV back in the black and white days...

 Showing Paul how to totally screw up baiting a hook (poor kid thought I knew all the tricks)
Cute if not somewhat forced pose under pressure to perform....

 I made this black and white because the 'jersey' was a bright mustard brown lovingly knitted by his Nana Di Di (Robs mum)! Well it was the early eighties.
With cousins Shaun (left) Brad (right) 
New brother arrives

Mar 21, 2016

TePapa Gallipoli

This exhibition is amazing.
These models are at least 150% life-size and so realistic to the point where you can see hairs on hands and arms, tension in the grip of a hand and wounds so realistic.
These pics taken in total darkness with no flash and with an iPhone!
That's how well and cleverly these models/figures were illuminated.
 Eating bully beef with flies as the extra!
 Machine gunner and belt feeder

 Grieving nurse with news of a brother killed in action.

Coffee Wellington

Mar 20, 2016

J In The Capital

Lambton Quay
Hanging out
 With the lovely Irish girl who could not resist his charm.
And took him bar side! I never got there...
At The Green Man Wellington
 Part of the Green Man team

Mar 14, 2016

App Attack

This cracks me up.
So if you take a shot of two people with an app empowered phone the app swaps the faces and then melds it into the other head.
This is Grace (10) and me (66).
HORRIBLE.....yet intriguing 

Mar 8, 2016

Kawhia Sandhill

On the west coast of the North Island is Kawhia. It's a beautiful spot almost untouched since the early 70's. It has the feel about the place that we used to have when we went to places like this on our Sunday family drives as a kid.
So this is a very large and beautiful sandhill which can be seen across one of the harbour inlets. I was taken by the almost blurred look it seemed to have. The blackish streaks are due to the iron sand content. Further south where the iron sands are concentrated and an intense black in colour are collected and exported for use in steel manufacture.
Idea of scale. A sign post at the waters edge.
 And a passing swimmer!

Mar 5, 2016

Rob. For The Record

From the old album

 With big brother
 This is the guy that's currently cleaning the old boy up on the golf course.
 With his Aunty Fran

G Ten

Birthday girl

 Pie Face!
 For her Pandora bracelet

Mar 4, 2016

At The Mount

Walkway through sand hills
Nana and Grace selecting (trying to decide) their treat.
I never knew rats could swing in trees
 Grace doing one of at least a thousand of these.....