Feb 27, 2017

Twenty Sixth February 1969

This little gem turned up out of the blue last week.
An old snap from around 48 years ago.
Dad, leaning, keeping his smoke away from Keno my bro sitting on the right.
In the middle row (sorry girls) centre is Francie with designer hat. At the right (posing...) Coll.
Back row is dad's old work car, the Datsun 1300 or was it 1100?

Feb 26, 2017


On the way to play. Sunnies required (regardless of orientation...) 
 At the top of the slide
 His next holiday
 Meanwhile in the chiller...

Feb 23, 2017

Base Track Mt Maunganui 2007

10 years ago it was possible to walk this track and not see anyone.
How things have changed in those 10 years.
All tracks on Mauao (The Mount) are so popular with locals and visitors it's crazy at times.
However the beauty of the track and the outlook is still as captivating as it ever was.

Feb 22, 2017

Nelson. The Old Home

In 1955, 56 we moved from Nelson to Tauranga so Dad could get work.
Things were tough then for the family.
We had moved from town out to the country to what is known locally as "The Glen" Glenduan.
At that time it was a real backwater but in such a lovely spot right on the pebble beach.
In 2010 I took this picture of the old cabin. See the arrow in the main pic as well as the inset.
I have put this up on the blog before but the subject came up again in the family recently.
So here it is guys..

Feb 20, 2017

A Wet Sunday Morning

 Last Sunday I headed off to the range for a bit of target practice.
Typically I was the only one there as it was raining and very early.
Small red arrow in the background was my aiming point.
It sounds crazy but there is something challenging about shooting holes in paper at a distance!
After this excitement it was back to Tauranga for a morning with the G&T. The grandkids not the bottle....
The bench and my setup.
Also use the floor at times.

Feb 13, 2017

Marine Theme

Driftwood Tolaga Bay
 Check out the foil below the board. Way in the distance, Tauranga harbour.

Feb 8, 2017

Moving House

This is where the house moves and you follow...
30 years at the park and this is the first time we have seen a house heading across it.

Feb 6, 2017

One Hour Walk McLaren Park

It was midday and the lighting was harsh. So I just looked for backlit subjects.


We reckon these guys went around at about 50kph

 Looks like he is ready to rob a dairy! So much gear on...

Jay Update

Feb 1, 2017

On Ya Bike Nana

Finally got her out on the bike.
It's been a while but Rob is not exactly short of experience on her bike. Having completed several long rides including an 80k race in Waihi some years back.
Go girl.

40 Years

It's been an amazing four decades since we swapped rings and promises of commitment.
But we are still strong.