Apr 24, 2009

Past Life

You see these old farm houses all around New Zealand.
This one is in Takaka at the top of the South Island. Now it looks like its used as a hay storage or implement shed.
But I look at these old homes and wonder what life they have seen in years gone bye.

Apr 23, 2009

Digital Abstract

Street art & Not street art

Top 3 shots are street art sent to me by a friend in the USA.
I think these are from Rex Features from the Internet. I have seen this sort of thing in NYC and it is extremely convincing....scary!
The "abstract thing" at the bottom is from an unknown artist! Enjoy

Apr 22, 2009

Cathedral #2

Nelson Anglican Cathedral.
For those interested in Photography these were taken with a full frame camera set at ISO 1600 using a 17mm lens and hand held. The lighting conditions were difficult.

Apr 21, 2009

New Books & Nelson Cathedral

Second and third attempts at making photoshop books!
The Nelson Cathedral looks small, fairly drab and gothic from the outside but inside, on a bright day, its worth checking out. The glass work is great. I will put some more shots of this Cathedral up soon.

Apr 19, 2009

No People!

As many New Zealanders know overseas visitors have said time and again "Where are all the people?" or "Is anybody home". This is an attraction to some but not all. For locals living in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui we know that the population has doubled in a very short time. We have traffic jams now and what I call track rage. This is when people have no consideration when walking on footpaths and will walk right through you.
Manners, consideration and good old KEEP LEFT are some of the values we are losing.
Cool thing is that you can still easily find yourself alone in beautiful places if that's what you like or maybe need!

Apr 14, 2009

Varitey Mix

This my first attempt to try and create a book image from two shots using the Vanishing point tool in Photoshop.
Its crude but has potential.

Someone put posters on this downtown Tauranga
building! Wonder who?

Back streets of Tauranga with "effects"

Rabbit Island from the Mount beach.
An easily accessible dive spot.

Northern track on Mauao (Mt Maunganui)

Apr 13, 2009

Age in perspective. Thought for the day.

Getting old is the only way to live longer!
(Not my quote...but I like it)

Nelson #2

The Haven.

Queens Gardens art show. I liked the tree!

Founders Park. When you have had a look over all
the old equipment and buildings head right to the bar.
They have their own brew. Get a taxi home!

On the way to Takaka. Some run down farms and
some very impressive ones.

Apr 11, 2009

Al Vinjamur's Wild life

Take a look at this site. Some great wildlife photos.
You need to have a play around as its easy to miss the good stuff.
There are multiple shots of each animal.

Apr 8, 2009


All in a game

There's the football game and then there are things happening around it and in it that you might miss if you are not looking at the time. Here are some from one game last week. And where did that heavy ball come from?