Mar 31, 2023

Matua Primary School Production

 This was amazing. They would not allow photos so I only snapped this one. There were 440 children in the production and the theatre at the Bethlehem College (where it was held) was full. Our Jay was in there somewhere. The kids had to muscle up to do three appearances over two days. Exhausting to think about it. The theme was about Richard Pearce (New Zealander) who beat the wright brothers to fly. He was given the name 'Mad Pearce' and was known locally, right from school days, as being eccentric.

Mar 21, 2023

Cyclone Sea

 Cyclone Gabrielle came south to pass through the Bay of Plenty and strengthen as it went on to hit Hastings and Napier further south. These pics were taken from the main beach at the Mount. Actually we got off lightly. 

Mar 13, 2023

McLaren Falls

 We had a great time climbing the rocks and bashing some bush all the way up to the deep ponds west of the bridge. The boys were brave enough to plunge in undies only. Later, when we got back, I was a ball of sweat only just standing up. Lewis said, "Pop, I loved that can we do it again?" My reply? "no bloody way mate"

Mar 4, 2023

Up Mt Maunganui Today

 Jay and I decided to summit the Mount (Mauao) today. It was very hot, but beautiful. It was almost 3 years exactly since the last time we did it together. This time he flew up. I just sweated!

January 2020

The old trig now replaced with a beautiful carved base with a large Greenstone on top.
March 2023
Nice pink phone carrier poppa....


 These guys live in a large tree at the back of our house. They are a big pain when they bomb our roof and pool. That aside, I watch them hunting and foraging on the Matua mudflats and they are an amazing bird.

In flight.

This chase was serious and it went on minutes with some agile acrobatics for such big birds. I suspect it was two males scrapping over territory.