May 24, 2020


Jay and I went out on this peninsular today as there was a good swell running and its was raining (an adventure)
I told him I had seen waves crashing into the rocks here and exploding up in the air higher that the tops we were walking on. He was skeptical. Jay, here is the evidence😯

May 23, 2020

Touch Of Red

When I was in the photography society you could see that many if not all competition colour photos tended to have a touch of red or even orange in them. Catches your eye and adds something that seems to spark our interest. Maybe relates to blood sometime in our past.
Imagine those colours being removed from the shots below

May 19, 2020

Family Stuff

I found these old pictures.
Una & Jack
 Una is mums sister. Jack was her husband of many years.
They died quite a few years back but  I will never forget them. I have mentioned this before.
They never had kids they had dogs and cats and us lot. (Una's sisters rats)They were so cool also generous and supportive. Sometimes to the point of shameless welcomes at the airport when we arrived for a holiday.
Many of my young memories are from Nelson when we stayed with these two lovely people.
Both over 6ft tall, both skinny and very engaging people, at a number of levels.
But for now I wanted to put these out there for the family.

May 17, 2020

McLaren Falls Park

Late autumn colours yesterday.
Coffee and a pie at the cafe (level 2 rules) and a stroll around the tracks for an hours or so.
It was busy. People all wanting to connect with this amazing place before the colour goes as winter hits.

Good Morning

Will we ever forget this?
 Working from home insanity
 The solution?
 First coffee out and about
 Red Square Tauranga yesterday
 Shoe's left to collect dust during the shutdown of repair shop.