Oct 30, 2016

Oct 29, 2016

Mary Ann

Another gem.
Further to the post about Timothy, my great grandfather, we now have this picture of his wife (actually 2nd wife) who is my great grandmother on my fathers side.
Mary Ann Curry and Timothy O'Sullivan married in 1881 and had 10 children (9 girls and Frank my grandfather).
Mary Ann was a small child (as you can see!) Early in her life she entered the Sisters of Mercy convent as a novice nun but left after 1 year as she never had the vocation for it.
Her family was by tradition an army family and John Curry her father served in the 65th regiment of foot and saw service in the NZ Wars (Known then as the maori wars). The regiment saw more action than any others and was know as the Bengal Tigers  as a result of the long association with India.
It has been recorded that Mary Ann was an outgoing person and a practical joker who loved meeting people (and making babies...it seems)
Born in 1860 and died in June 1924
Thanks to the Marshall family for this information and picture.

Oct 27, 2016

Frank (Francis)

Another family find.
This is my grandfather (dad's father) Frank.
He is in the back row. (same hair as dad)
First picture I have ever seen.
A very notorious man in the family and in the community apparently.
But for the record here it is along with other relatives.

Oct 25, 2016

Why Old Men Should Not Play With Kids!

So we had the grandees around for a nice afternoon of games on the park and fun in the pool.
Sprinting races were organised by G and I could not resist it.
We set up the finishing line by placing a football at the spot.
Thomas called the start and G (10 years old) and me (six almost seven times here senior) were off.
I gave it my best shot and when I got to the ball (I think we were equal) I gave it a kick at full pace which I instantly regretted as in a total blur my head hit the deck (damn those useless feet).
This is the result for the record.
Ok just a big weeping bump immediately after ...
 24 hours later and no sleep I am reminded of the limits old age brings with it even when you think you are not old just 'middle age'. Oh well, lesson learned for now at least.

Oct 23, 2016


Well this is a real gem for the family.
This picture came to me from an amazing source. By total co-incidence it was a person applying for a position with the parent company that I work for.
I was talking to him on the phone from Sydney and we discovered we were related back to 1841 and beyond.
He sent me this picture of Timothy. We share this ancestor.
My connection is that Timothy is my great grandfather.
Original family name immigrant was John Sullivan (O'Sullivan) who arrived on the ship Will Watch in 1841 into Nelson New Zealand. 
One of his sons, Timothy arrived a little later on the ship The Lloyds with his mother and siblings.
More on this once I can get my head around it.

Oct 20, 2016

Just For The Record


As Good As It Gets

The boy, a beer and a ball.
This is Jay and Pop doing our usual get together. Cracking a joke, kicking a ball and having a beer (or in his case good old H2O)

Oct 14, 2016

Fifeshire Rock

Fifeshire or Arrow Rock in the Nelson harbour.
Snow right across the mountains around the Nelson lakes in the background.
Note the mention of the Will Watch that's the ship our first ancestor to come to NZ arrived on.

Oct 11, 2016

Autumn to Winter

McLaren Falls Park Tauranga
Beautiful Autumn scene.
 Not many weeks later.
This is on the volcanic plateau Desert road, just a few hours drive south from Tauranga.
I love our seasons and the close proximity of landscapes that contrast so widely from one to another.

Oct 10, 2016

Hey Ball....

Jay is ball mad. Got some amazing kicking and throwing skills already. Our house is fall of balls now.
So this must have been heaven for him when his dad took him to Rebel Sport.
Thanks for the great shot dad.

Oct 8, 2016

Green Building

 So this is a 'green' building!
Found in a back street in Nelson.

Oct 6, 2016

Looking Very Cool

Grace and Thomas
All dressed up for the school play.
Bloody fantastic. Those little rats.
Ah, Grace is on the left by the way...

The New Set Up

Aotea Maersk
The largest container ship to come to New Zealand and its here in Tauranga on its first visit.
This is the future. Almost 10,000 20ft containers!
Unfortunately it was raining when I arrived to take pictures so things look a little dull.
But it was impressive.
What can't be seen are the two new cranes being constructed behind the current line up.
I want to catch this ship coming into the entrance when its next in town.

Oct 2, 2016

The Old Set Up

Tauranga container wharf and facilities.
Soon to change. Later this month ships 'double' the size of current 4000 plus containers will be unloading at this point. Two new cranes and expanded storage facilities are in the process of being sorted.
Can't wait to see those massive ships arrive.