Apr 30, 2021


 Three days work by the Proform homes team and their subbies. Impressive. At one point we had 7 guys on site.

Autumn Sunrise

 It's good time of year for these. This is at the Mount beach.

Apr 27, 2021

This Morning Mt Maunganui

A stunning southern sky at sunrise.
A quick diversion on the way to work.

This shop is becoming somewhat iconic. Great fish and chips apparently
A classic view of Mauao (The Mount)


Apr 25, 2021


 We remembered last Covid ANZAC day by gathering in our street again to commemorate the men and women from Australia and New Zealand who served and died in wars and conflicts in countries all over the world. A special day for me as our dad served in WW2 in North Africa and Italy for several years and was lucky to get away with not being killed by the machine gun bullet that wrecked his right arm. Mum also served and was based in NZ.


 I bet you will find some myths in this that you have thought of as fact. I certainly did.

Enjoy the revelations


Apr 24, 2021

Jay's Little Celebration

 You're only 6 once in your life. Nice cake and goodies. 

Lewi's turn
Birthday boy

Oh No!

I normally dismantle our gazebo each year after summer (we love it). However nature took care of that little job when the canopy filled up with water overnight and wrecked it totally.

Apr 21, 2021

Happy 6th Jay

Over the years

Matua School awards

Almost 6

With cousin Kyle from London
With brother Lewi

A Covid easter on Nana and Pops outside deck.

Lewi's 3rd birthday

Rocket man

We kicked ball together almost before Jay could walk

With cousin Thomas, mates now days.

Apr 19, 2021

Autumn Has Arrived

 Jay and I made a quick trip to McLaren Falls Park Sunday to catch the colours