Feb 28, 2021


 I plucked up the courage to attack our massive potted plant that we cut the top off some weeks back. Yes destroying the $300 pot was not ideal but that was the only way to get it out. Then Rob and I got into the swing of this and gave the same TLC to 4 other potted plants. All done, except for a hell of a mess to dump.


They never came back..

Jay and Pop

Mount beach




Feb 22, 2021


Kits growing
We did a little drumming between kite flying, making a throwing arrow and biking yesterday.
A beautiful day finished off with this amazing sky


Feb 20, 2021


 Watch NASA for updates on their latest mission.

Check this out for a 3D  view of the rover.

Feb 12, 2021

Various From The Archive

Rabbit Is 
Unusual fog bank moving on to the Mount
The Strand Tauranga. Abstract impression
These are slowly becoming redundant in favour of kites 
Misty harbour and city. Tauranga


Feb 9, 2021

Awesome Idea

India is looking at solar panels on the roofs of their trains.

Wonder if they have done a reality check.......


Feb 6, 2021

Drumming Crack Up

 Got to watch this. Builds up best bit near the end. This drummer is at the wrong gig.

This is for Phil


Feb 4, 2021

From The Top

 From the top of Mt Maunganui on the weekend.

Tauranga container wharf. Not one crane working. No boats!

Looking south toward Fergusson Park (home)
Recent fires on Matakana island left its mark.
Our amazing endless beach
From the Mount to Papamoa and beyond
East toward Motiti island with Plate island right on the horizon
I joined three photos for the vertical pano of the main beach at the Mount
Tauranga harbour entrance. Departing ship riding very high in the water (no cargo)