Apr 30, 2016

From The Old Album

That's how we were then living at the Mount with two kids, a big mortgage, a Skoda car and looking back it was a great time in our lives.
Me with Paul and Nana DiDi (Robyn's mum) at her house in Hamilton for Xmas lunch.

Apr 27, 2016

Grandad and J

So Grandad built the table with a cool opening top for J's birthday and then gave J his iPad to use on top of it....generous and well received!
Thanks Grandad....

Apr 25, 2016

J's Little Birthday. A Few Moments.

A few moments. More to come.
Sitting Bull with his goodies AND his cake
 One minute later....
 His pointing finger. Must have been a bird or plane

J loves music. This is with a boombox (turned up loud is good) and drum. Likes some of the oldies rock stuff.

Apr 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Jay

One year ago. Jayden John
 A few days ago. Looking a little tired but on his first bike.
Recently. He loves being outside and loves anything up in the air like birds and planes.
Wow, that's his call sign. 

Apr 17, 2016

The Other End Of A Rainbow

Gold at one end and this at the other, its the IRD!
I am sure this interpritation was not intended when the council painted this coloured pathway in one of Tauranga's car parks recently.

Apr 16, 2016

Downtown Tower Site

The low level building is soon to be displaced by a $550m skyscraper
I will keep an eye on progress.

Apr 13, 2016

Early Morning Auckland CBD

Semi abstract view of the buildings close to the hotel I stayed in overnight.

Apr 10, 2016


A chocolate fountain and donuts for breakfast!
Hell, not exactly a healthy start to the day......but worth a small sample maybe?

Early Morning Auckland City

Flash of pink at sunrise

St Patricks Cathedral. Open early no one home
 Dark stairway
 Legal Graffiti 

Apr 6, 2016

2016 New Zealand Sevens

Gordon Tietjens New Zealand Sevens won the Vancouver Cup championship.
This trophy was awarded to the team and was hand carved out of cedar by first nations artists.
I was amazed how light it was as I expected it to be made out of plaster going by the looks of it.
Then I read the story below.
The cup

 The story behind the cup

J's Perspective

Well that's just what kids do...mum
 Look mum don't push me...ok?
 Dad? Your going to tell him?....That really freaks me out....NOT

Apr 3, 2016

Kite Day Fergusson park

 Stunning kites

The sky was fully taken
 How the hell does this dragon fly?
A big heart...

This seagull was amazing. Not big but its wings flapped, clever..
A ray or alien?

Apr 2, 2016

Going Nuts

 This impressive body sculpture made from engineering nuts. In the foyer of Bay Engineering Supplies at Mt Maunganui

Close up

Apr 1, 2016


Click on the image for large view.
Looking West. Late evening.
 Looking East this morning.