Dec 20, 2009

The Ted Ashby...Old but New.

Ted Ashby is a ketch-rigged deck scow, typical of the fleet of scows that once operated in northern New Zealand waters.
Built by museum staff and volunteers in the traditional manner, she was launched in August 1993

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Dec 18, 2009

It's Pickin Time

Photos by K O'S

Histology Micrographs. The Beauty within.

Two Neutrophils (White blood cells)

Neutrophil (Digital staining)

Epididymis (Testis)

Artery & Vein in Heart muscle

Liver Cells

Artery in Heart muscle (blood cells inside)

Dec 13, 2009

Lucky Day

Follow this link to a YouTube video Link

Iconic Downtown Mt Maunganui Shops


50 years ago my mother used to often say "He's a Tiger for punisment" Did she know something?
Was this a Nostradamus moment?  Was golf even invented then?