Sep 30, 2016

Wains World

In Dunedin again.
Wains Hotel.
I stayed in this hotel. It was slightly worn out but had a certain comfortable feel about it.
Bed was great but room small with just the basics.
All was forgiven when I pulled my curtains aside and there in front of me was the NZ Flag.
Yes my room was located behind the arched window you can see behind the flag post.
But wait there's more.
This hotel had serious history and is very old by NZ standards.
See the write up below.
 Backside view.
 I totally love the 12 shillings bit...

Sep 29, 2016


Amazing street art in Dunedin.
I had a few minutes after the days meetings and after dinner during my visit down south this week and found these.

Sep 25, 2016

Ball Boy

Jay, not in the best shape after a doctors visit but when he sees a ball....
 Not that it shows in this phone pic but he kicked this ball and like all his other shots it goes where he wants it.
Interesting skills for such a young kid.

Years In The Making

This stunning hand drawing took my sister years to complete.
See the extract below for a close in look. (I coloured it up a little)
I have never seen anything like it.

Sep 22, 2016

Corner Pub

Classic old corner pub that can be found in most towns around NZ.
This one in Nelson.
The Royal Hotel
Found this picture on the web.
Nelson Tavern in Cheshire 
Some resemblance if you ignore the veranda 

Sep 20, 2016


Nelson Baptise Church
Late in the day at the end of a fruitless walk with my camera I noticed this old wooden church and the light coming through the lead light windows.

Sep 18, 2016

Between Bulls & Foxton

This old building has been an attraction to passing photographers over many years.
And closer still

Sep 16, 2016

On The Street

Cool, some 70's posters
 Feeling the old vibe
 Jay (Flash) loves climbing the stairs at Rialto.
And hanging out in those 'yuck' doorways downtown 

Sep 10, 2016

More From Nelson

So calm in the early mornings
 By Trafalgar park
 Old cable reels

Sep 4, 2016

Wet Wellington Early Morning

I love to walk around any city in the early hours especially if its been raining.