Sep 27, 2011

Big Boat Little Boats

 Tauranga Bridge Marina (Left) Tauranga Container Wharf (Right)
Taken from Mauao

Sep 18, 2011

Crown & Badger. Tauranga

Sunday late afternoon. Seeing the Irish cleaned up the game against Australia last night we decided to go for a Guinness and watch the Welsh versus Samoa game at the pub. Wales 17, Samoa 10. Nice way to end the week for a couple of oldies.

 Click on image for large panorama

Sep 17, 2011

TV & Rubgy. World Cup Time in NZ

This is how we are spending our evenings. Watching yet another game on the TV.
Just one week into the cup I have already lost track of things.
Oh well I guess what most of us Kiwis are waiting for is the finals and fully expecting the AB's to be in it. God help them if they don't make it!


Sep 11, 2011


Going Outback

Friends of ours Graham & Carol live in south Melbourne auaustralia and go "outback" each year. They send these cool shots of their last adventure and these comments. 

We spent some time in the Kennedy Ranges, a great area inland from Carnarvon, with rugged gorges and great walking tracks.  I have attached a couple of photos to give you some idea of what its like there.
It was great to get out and camp in a wilderness area, with few people around.  Unfortunately our intention to come home via. the Great Central Road (across the centre of Australia to Ayres Rock) was thwarted by a bad run of tyre punctures - at one stage 4 punctures in 150km – with 3 thrown away and having to buy rough second hand tyres to get home.  Next time maybe.
Temple Gorge Kennedy Ranges. Campsite
 Honeycomb Gorge

 Campsite again

David & Coll in Adelaide

Sep 5, 2011

Couple Of Nutters!

Ky's took this mobile phone shot of me with Grace when we went to breakfast on Sunday.