May 30, 2022

Lewi's Fifth Birthday & First School Day

His place of work and fun for the next few years
Leaving home with Jay
The lads, all gaming
Really mum?

Lewi and Thomas (Tommy)

With Gran

Loves his toys
His cake. made to his order and instructions by Nana

May 26, 2022


Rob gets the prize for the most disgusting touch screen. Looks like its been mauled by a busy butcher!

Sign of a new beginning.
Just a stairway right? Thats true until you have to walk up them. Then they become a bit of a monster. Our hotel turned the power off to the elevators so my colleague and I said no problem we can take the stairs. I got 12 stories to my floor and he got an additional 4! The staff looked at us like we were a couple of old guys (true by the way) that may need rescuing. 
Dog Man. A small version of the one that can be seen at the Mount in the house by the cenotaph. 


Back In Aucks

 Back to Auckland for a couple off days this week. Not much time to look around but snapped a couple of shots at night walking back to the hotel from dinner.

Amano. A really great restaurant down Britomart area.

The building with AUCKLAND signage on the side is new to me. Holds new cars apparently.
New high rise. Being built by the Chinese company that fabricated the steel in China and sent it here ready for assembly. 10,000 tonnes of steel and 50 stories above the ground.
The Sky Tower is a strong landmark. You can get a peak of it from most parts of the city.

May 16, 2022

Matua Primary Cross Country

 A big turn out on Fergusson Park this arvo. 

Jay got third in his race. Said he was only jogging 😀

Different levels of commitment...maybe Jay was just jogging😎

May 15, 2022


Mid May 2022. Changes are underway downtown.
The 'Farmers' building close to completion
The Red Square
The old WestPac building coming down

The Strand
Our grand old lady. Tauranga to Matapihi rail bridge


May 14, 2022


This boy is full of beans. It shows I reckon.
We think he is going to be a rugby boy as he is a fearless tackler.

May 9, 2022

This Morning

If I can't walk around it or summit it today this will have to do. A beautiful morning across Tauranga harbour to Mauao (Mt Maunganui)


May 8, 2022

Mothers Day

 Time to remember our mums.

Robyns mum

With Paul

With her husband and Robyns dad, Jim
With Robyn
With me and Paul

My mum
With me and Gidge
With one of her grandkids
Relaxing with dad over a drink and a fag!

May 7, 2022

1963 Downtown Tauranga

 This photo was taken from where the Red Square is today. I remember it well. The Regent picture theatre and McKenzies with the Star hotel in the far left side of the photo. I spend a lot of time in that pub.

And in 2019 from a similar angle

May 6, 2022

May 1, 2022