Sep 30, 2018

Bridge Over Takitimu Drive Tauranga

This is a great addition to our local walking and cycleway complex
 On the deck

Random South Island Shots

Robyn and I drove from Nelson to Dunedin this week. Three day meetings and three evenings out with my work colleagues. But on the way I took a few shots for the record. The weather was cool and very windy making any venturing outside the car almost impossible.
On the Dunedin side of Kaikora
 On the seaward side of the massive slip complex at Kaikora. Shows rock that was recently sea bed (White areas)
 Sacred Heart Basilica Timaru

In the Octagon Dunedin

Riverstone castle

We went to visit the Riverstone cafe and it was closed! Just our luck.
The castle was across the water and the bits and pieces shop was open.
See the story in the info link it is a big achievement.

Sep 22, 2018

Tauranga Streets Today

Downtown Tauranga this morning.

Street art.
This one by Shane Walker

 This by Pinch and Punch
 This by Alex McLoud
Scaffolding art. Ready to make just one more white tent on the landscape.

Sep 19, 2018

Crazy Auckland

It's all go up there.
Construction everywhere. Over 60 tower cranes. 
See the shot at the bottom 'Ni Hao! downtown'. This is what's in its place now.

 Leaning towers
 Yellow stools
 Girl reading
 Taken two years ago early morning. 'Ni Hao! downtown'.

Sep 9, 2018

Tauranga Primary Schools Annual Concert

The kids put on a fantastic night. So much work by them and the people who make it happen.
Thomas on right
 The three piece band did a great job.
 Variety shots and stand out faces and people

 This girl threw everything she had into her night.

 The rock and roll scene


Sep 7, 2018

They Grow Up

Thomas and Grace from 2011

 The first look in the mirror after the face painting job was completed.

Sep 5, 2018

Tauranga Is Growing

Our place is growing in hidden places.
Go check out the Tauriko Business Estate.
This is an industrial development close to the housing area called the lakes.
I was looking for a view of our new warehouse and drove up on to the newer plateau area and was shocked to see this enormous building in fully functional mode. It's the MPAC building. A kiwifruit cool-store and packing facality.
This view is only 2/3rds of the length.
 The view of the lower area of the development. Sorry does not do it justice.
But 5 years ago there was nothing here!
 Oh and I also got a shock at this street name in the same plateau area.
Seriously the street names in this development are damned difficult.
For example our warehouse is in Whakakake St off of Taurikura Dr!
Our visitors are already confused and we have to keep spelling the address out.
Surely there must have been shorter more memorable names available like Tui Cr or Browns Rd....