Mar 30, 2021

A Serious Bad Boy

 Ever Given. Stuck in the Suez cannel.

Now freed but 400 ships held up desperate to get through. This will impact all of us at some level with delayed shipments and higher costs.

Some time prior to show size

Space shotMassive container ship Ever Given stick at Suez Canal

400 meters long with 20,000 containers!ever given refloated

Mar 29, 2021

On The Farm

 From the right. Young Rob, Big Rob and Paul screaming....
It was a fun day some time back in the 80's

Mar 27, 2021

Una and Jack

 Very important people in my young years. So kind, funny, generous and energetic. They never had kids which was a bit sad but good for us..

Una was mums sister.

Mar 23, 2021

New Skills

My V-Drums are bringing out new skills I never knew I had. Not amazing drumming skills but electrical wiring skills. My room is starting to look very third world and frankly a little dangerous....but great fun

Mar 22, 2021

India Today

A very nice lunch at India Today with work colleagues. We celebrated Shiri's 25 years of service to the company.
Shiri and wife Swati on the right.

A decadent and enjoyable finish to the lunch


Mar 20, 2021

American Ford

 We went to the all Ford show at Wharepai domain last weekend.

Clever people with amazing work.

Jay at the wheel of a Mustang

Mar 16, 2021


Revisiting some of my old pics.
This is the Waitoa Dairy Co Waikato
Old oil tank
The old Tauranga wharf with a live sheep export ship.


Mar 15, 2021

Big Fish

 I have often told my boys about the big fish that used to be caught in our local waters many years back.

Here are some examples from 1970.

Mar 4, 2021

Mar 2, 2021

Dad 100 Today

 Or would have been. Instead he passed away in 1984 at 63 years old.

Family info.

Timothy O'Sullivan (1840) dads grandfather and not in the picture.

First wife Ann Anderson, second wife Mary Ann Curry. In the picture below 'Frank' (Francis) 1885 was dads father and the son of Timothy and Mary Ann. The woman in the picture, Mrs T O'Sullivan was Mary Ann Curry (second wife)

Below various picture of dad with mum and family.
He had a great sense of humour, worked hard to keep us all fed, schooled and housed. He never ever promoted himself or stole the limelight for himself. He was a fairly private but personable guy. Not a lot of tolerance for moaners, slackers or wimps.
With his grandkids at the time.
With my little bro and our family car. Morris 8 (Wow)
Younger years.
When we lived in Clarke Street Tauranga