Jan 29, 2017


Even on a heavily overcast day its worth a walk in the Redwoods at Rotorua.

Napier Has A Cathedral!

For some reason I find old churches and bold churches an attraction I can't resist. Just being inside one alone brings a sense of calm and quiet you don't get anywhere else.
So on a recent visit to Napier (about the third on recent times) I was surprised to find a cathedral!
I thought only big cities had these. Anyway in I went.

 A tad Third Reich... 

Jan 24, 2017

Wonder Women (Nana)

Phew, I thought I was done for when this tree just fell down toward the track I was on. But then right out of nowhere she appeared and saved my sorry backside.
Thanks WW

Classic Flyers Airshow 2017

 The air show never started till 4pm and I was gone by then.
But these guys put on a good show.

Some familiar spectators 

 A classic airshow....

Jan 22, 2017

A Couple Of Nutters

Yep, family again.
My youngest and oldest sisters sharing a good time in Nelson.
Note the handbags!
Go girls.....

40 Years

Most of the family helped Rob and I celebrate 40 years since the 'I do's' we took together.
Drinks, Pizza and a few laughs.
Good stuff.

Jan 19, 2017

Tolaga Bay East Coast

Coming back from Gisborne via the East Cape Rd there are some beautiful bays and beaches.
It was early morning when we arrived at this spot so I went for a walk and tried to capture the feeling of the place.
I have more to come on this. 
I loved the Jandles abandoned among the driftwood and the Fishermans tractors sitting patiently waiting for their return.

 The jetty is truely impressive and its a historical structure that was semi restored years ago.

 Click the images below for a larger view.

Jan 16, 2017

Family Stuff

William Reed (my great grandfather, mum's grandfather)
William was one of the sons of James Reed and Kahumahinga.
Below is a link that family might find interesting.

Jan 13, 2017

Cheesy Rider.

So while I am swanning around at Taupo Rob headed off to see her cousins in Matamata. I think she found a new lease on life once she threw her leg over this beautiful Milwaukee machine, a famous Harley Davidson. Hell she suits it!
Route 66 here we come.....
Seriously these bikes are all classic, retro and state of the art in one beautiful package.
Talk about living the dream, that's what her cousins seem to be thriving on.
Go hard guys.

Family Boys

This is a classic for our family. 
These are my bro's and my kids. all boys.
I bet they stay in touch as years go on.
Left to right.
Brad, Paul, Shuan.
Rob, Daniel.

The Range

 A different range this time.
This time cracking the 200m distance. The white arrow points at my almost invisible black target.
This is the range between Tauranga and Rotorua. Tech Park. (NZDA 300m range)

Spot Of Golf

Just a small taste of how the other half lives.
Wairaki Golf Course Taupo.
Rob and I left Tauranga early, had breakfast at the famous 'Sweet Rose Cafe' in Tokoroa (you need to do that...) then on to Taupo for the golf.
We arrived early, checked out Huka falls then got to the course and sussed out the protocols and rules etc. Actually nice people, relaxed atmosphere and very nice facilities.
Everything easy, no stress until you hit that first ball and then the stress is all self induced as was mine....
Rob played well. I played NOT well but enjoyed the entire experience despite being crook and trying to cough up my bloody lungs!
At the end of the 4 hours round (with carts) we sat on the balcony of the club house and had a nice late lunch like a couple of spoilt brats.
Rob with cart 15
 Me same!
 Bit hard to see here but the elevated tees are a feature at Wairaki as is sand. Strange little beaches all over the course. We checked most of them out....
 Beautiful setting with a a St Andrews like stone bridge.
Not long after this on another hole we were surprised with the appearance of a beautiful proud deer that appeared out of the surrounding bush and proceeded to graze on the low hanging leaves of one of the trees later we saw a group of four. Of course Wairaki is not only a golf course its a wild life sanctuary.

The Huka falls stop. Later that day a young guy went down these falls on a body board. A really crazy guy. This is seriously dangerous water. There is a Youtube video.

Jan 10, 2017

Something Different

A great way to get your mind focused and enjoy a little countryside quiet between blasts!
My target is stapled on to the board at the end of the range where the white arrow is pointing.
Scope mandatory.
Got a lot to learn.
This is a range in the hills of Taupo.
In case you are wondering what that nifty little orange flag is about well it tells other shooters at a glance that the gun is unloaded. Good to know that especially when walking down range to check your target patterns.

Jan 6, 2017

Graphic Attitude

One of the better wheel covers!
Took me a few moments to click...