Mar 26, 2022


 Mixed bag today. We picked Lewi up and went to breakfast in town and a wander around. Later, after some consideration, I decided to try out my sprained ankle on the Mount. Hobbled up, limped down and while not exactly back to normal (will be weeks yet) I made it without further damage. Good for fitness at least. Not to mention release of 'stay at home and rest' fever...


Beautiful day up top
View over Matakana Island to the west
We are so lucky in this country. Mostly sheep, no tanks, no bombs, (plenty of guns👀) no invaders. Yep we moan a lot but I know where I want my family to be or not to be.

Mar 22, 2022

BA.2 Is Coming Through

 Here we go again. Also, for over 65's, a fourth booster is coming our way as well.

Mar 18, 2022

Went Down

After tripping on an embedded rock on the base track of the Mount. I was stunned and grovelling around in the dust to drag myself off the track while being somewhat conscious of two people who were alongside me just walking on! A few seconds later two lovely Maori ladies stopped and offered help, water and something sweet to get me going. Also an American man stopped as well and was very caring.

Not being one to accept help I thanked them and said I was ok and started my hobble back to the car 2k away.

Result = no break, bad ankle strain plus cuts and bruises all fixed up at the emergency doctors in 2nd Ave.

So now it's recovery time. Just mowed the lawns 😆

In the office at work
More like a hoof!

Mar 14, 2022


Known now as the Westpac Building which is being demolished.

This picture from archives is circa 1968-72 shows what was then the Bay of Plenty Savings Bank.
Later the building was fully upgraded to become the Trustbank building and later again the Westpac building (below)
The demolition is taking months. I can't see why they never thought to blow the thing down with explosives.
I have seen buildings 5 times bigger than this taken down in seconds in the USA right in the middle of a busy city. It's not like there are many people downtown anymore. I vote for the big bang every time.😀


Mar 12, 2022

Foiling Kites Tauranga

 Mayor Island (Tuhua) in the background and Mount Maunganui (Mauao) right in front.Across the harbour entrancePassing Matakana Island and slower traffic.

Mar 8, 2022

80 Years On

 With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in progress in 2022 it's hard not to think how quickly we could revert to the disaster of war in Europe (And globally) in the 1940's or much worse, in a heart beat.

My cynical side asked why not? Fundamentally little has changed with human nature and egotistical dictators ambitions.

2022 Tanks in the Ukraine

1940's WW2

Mar 6, 2022

Caught Making Pie

 Chicken, Spinach and Feta with Tomato

These are family legend pies. Very yummy indeed.

Oven ready
Rob's masterpiece.
The messiest cook on the planet but the result count and all is forgiven 😀

Mar 2, 2022

First Car


From 2007 to 2022

A well deserved new car. Lots of her hard work went into buying it.