Apr 30, 2022

Once Upon A Time

 A really long time ago.

I was a cowboy (on the right) Ken was a hobo (in the middle) Lyn (AKA Gidge) was a young girl just waiting till she was old enough to run away from home. Never came back! But we are family, still are.

As you can see, a rough and ready bunch.

New Mural in Tauranga

Off the downtown Red Square. A new community mural.
Liam Makawe, artist, adding finishing touches and filling in the blank spaces.
He told me they are looking for other places around town for similar projects.


Apr 24, 2022

Making Memories

 We nipped up to Lake Okareka for a few hours to hang out with Rob, Sarah and the kids.

Lucky for us they were just off of a ski so off we went. Nice place by the way.

A few pics lots more to come.

Jay did really well. Very pleased with himself he had his longest ski yet. Sarah was on the controls loving the power..

Lewi was just hanging in the water mid lake loving it.
And along comes dad!

Rob's really getting it sorted. 

Apr 20, 2022

Tauranga Harbour Wildlife

Ducks and Swans come to the Matua mudflats and shallows this time of year.

Apr 11, 2022

Jayden 7 Years

 Jay had a birthday party at TimeZone at the Mount. It was great to see his mates all turn up. A few phone shots follow.

What a cake...

Apr 9, 2022


 Robyn's mum with her older brother Dennis

My mum with our oldest, Paul

Apr 5, 2022

Memories for Thomas

 Tommy and I were talking about some of the times a few years back. Some memory joggers follow.

Apr 2, 2022

Remembering Rena 2011

I took these shots over a few weeks from the Mount.The ship was 20km away on the reef.