May 31, 2010

Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Click on the title. This is old hat but this guy cracks me up and has a kind of crazy logic you might relate to.
Check it out.

May 28, 2010

Giro d'Italia 18th stage

Check out this leader board for the stage finish! Both Kiwis right there.

1. Andre Greipel (GER) HTC-Columbia, 143km in 3:14:59
2. Julian Dean (NZL) Garmin-Transitions at 0:00
3. Tiziano Dall’antonia (ITA) Liquigas-Doimo at 0:00
4. Gregory Henderson (NZL) Team Sky at 0:00
5. Danilo Hondo (GER) Lampre-Farnese Vini at 0:00
Photo by Graham Watson from VeloNews web site.

Some upper body focused Kettlebell exercises

Harbour Sunset

May 26, 2010

277 Broadway New Market

Giro d'Italia half-way point.

This is a large cycling tour around Italy which is sadly not showing on Sky TV despite the fact they have a team in the race.
The two Kiwi's are still hanging in and no doubt doing their job well for the teams the ride for.
Greg Henderson is placed at 81st place and Julian Dean in 137th. 157 riders remain in the race.
At the end of stage 15 Ivan Basso was the winner on the day and the Tour leader is Cadel Evans.
Ivan Basso has made an amazing come back to cycling after being caught up in a drugs saga and being banned. It was his day and he broke away to win convincingly.
Pictures are by Graham Watson and taken from the VeloNews web site.

Ivan Basso
Cadel Evans

May 21, 2010

Kaimai Fog

To the south west of Tauranga lies the Kaimai range. Known for its fog, road accidents, great bush walks and spectacular sunsets. This shot was taken around 5.30 on a winters evening when we had just climbed up the Kaimai road through a very foggy Waikato region.

The Exit

Lone Poplar. Waikato NZ

May 15, 2010

Autumn Sunset

Buddy Rich.....Drummer

Old school? Maybe but this guy has always been one of my favorite drummers. Here is a 1965 show with comedian Jerry Lewis. Be patient and wait till Buddie's solo through till the end. Precision, fast awesome.

Ok cool. So here is Thomas Lang from 2007. So called Best Drum Solo of the World

The Os'...... well some of them

Thanks for the shot Ken.
From the right. Robyn, Heather, Kyleigh, Paul and me.

May 12, 2010

Italy's Giro d'Italia

This is one of the top multi stage cycling races in the world. This years Giro will cover 3510kms' over 21 stages for the entire month of May. The race is rolling the 3rd stage just finishing and 196 riders surviving. Two Kiwi's are racing, Greg Henderson (17th on points so far) and Julian Dean (27th on points so far). The race will go into Holland and Switzerland in the process of racing through Italy. When they get to the mountains that's usually when the real interesting action happens. I hope Sky TV covers it!
Graham Watson is one of the photographers covering the race for American reporting. A couple of his pictures follow.
Weylandts Wins

Astana Team Leads

May 3, 2010

Grace O'Sullivan

Family History Photo's

 Agnes Leohnora on the left. My Grandmother. (Mum's mother) This is the first picture I have seen of her when she was relatively young. I knew her when she was older. She is with her daughter Lilly.

Antonio Wet or Wett (see story elsewhere on the blog) he was Agnes Leohnora's adoptive father. This was a fact that was not well known in our family. As far as we were all concerned he was her real father. Antonio was good friends with the Reeds.

Agnes Pauline was Antonio and Filistea Wett's daughter and Agnes Leohnora's "adoptive sister".
Actually Agnes Leohnora is thought to be Antonio's wife, Filistea's, daughters child to a previous marriage.
But to keep it simple and in line with family Agnes Pauline and Agnes Leohnora were sisters and they both ended up married to two brothers William and Jack Reed. 

This is William or Billy Reed. My grandfather John (Jack) Henry's brother. Or mum's brother in law.
He married Agnes Pauline Wett. Check out the Reed wrinkles......

Mum's brothers. (Sons of John Henry and Agnes Leohnora) Harry (sitting) and Lou.
Both died of TB

   Lilly and Lou Reed (brother and sister)

Lilly Reed