Jun 26, 2022

Boys and Mud

Want to get rid of the technology for a while? Turn on the mud


Faces of Lewi

Featuring Lewi over the last few years.

With mum
And dad

With uncle Ken and the pub

Dropped one!

Covid lockdown days visitors

With Grace


Jun 24, 2022

Faces Of Jay

 Lesser know moments...

Must have the news on....


Feeling the vibe
Crazy happy
This can't be real?
Just crazy
With Tommy

Grooving to the music. Actually just finished chewing my speaker up

Jun 22, 2022

Sydney to Paeroa

 From an amazing week in Sydney in the sun, enjoying the vibe, mixing with the local culture we headed home. Driving back from Auckland to Tauranga, what a contrast. Paeroa greeted us in grand style.

Nice little retirement thing to do. Not actually sure if anyone moved anything­čśâ

The old Paeroa pub on a very wet and dark night.

Jun 18, 2022

Rainy Day Look At History

 Sitting at home today feeling like shite from some virus or other I had a dig into the old album and found these from the 70's maybe 80's

Friends from the Mount. They squeezed me in...
They were good days.
The girls.
Can't remember this but it did happen!
The boys (David, Paul, Rob) with uncle Ken
Ken And I with our little sister. I miss Coll since she went south.
Rob with her two boys.