Sep 13, 2021

Virtual Meetings Virtually Useless

I found this cartoon on the web after writing the comments below.

Virtual Meetings Virtually Useless

 Well for me anyway. I hate them. Yes they are a necessity during the Covid restrictions but long term we will be loosing a lot of value we otherwise can get from personal meetings.

In my experience meetings online are dominated by people who are more than happy to keep talking past their use-by date and talking over the top of the less dominant (and potentially more valuable) participants.

Then there are the people who just sit in, turn off (literally, their video feed and their microphone) and simply just zero out. Then there are the constant technology inadequacies that disrupt the flow of a meeting.

Personally, at a meeting, I like to look at all of the participants, encourage their input and read their body language and reactions to the nuances of matters that are being discussed at the meeting. These are all lost in on-line get togethers. In my view virtual meetings are stop gap measure where real work needs to be done between face to face meetings or a venue for just touching base and covering the more mundane aspects of business that really can be covered by an email.

I agree there is a place for virtual meetings where it comes to training. But its only one of the tools we can use not the panacea to replace face to face learning.

Well that's my bitch for the day but others would disagree as outlined in the linked document below.

On-Line Meetings Should Continue

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