Sep 29, 2020

Mural Tauranga

 A great new mural downtown Tauranga. Lisa King is the artist.

Sep 25, 2020

Tauranga Railway Station

I took the top two pictures in the early 80's
I am fairly sure this was at Sulphur Point Tauranga and not downtown.
Little info is available, however the old photo below from the early 1900's was on the web and looks to be the same place be it an earlier building.
Apparently the station was demolished in 1986

Sep 22, 2020

Elizabeth Street Tauranga September 2020

Farmers building under construction
Nearby. Tauranga's oldest 'tall' building. Built mid 60's
Elizabeth Heights

The fully rebuilt IRD building. Now also the Bay of Plenty Regional Council location.

Sep 21, 2020

My First 10 Speed

I was surprised to find this during my recent project of digitalising my negative collection.
When Robyn went back to work in 1979 after having our first kid she brought me this bike with her first wage packet.
Little did she know what she started and that it would last for the next 40 plus years and onward.
Sure it was a heavy beast, made in Japan (we think) and everything was steel that rusted. But it got me riding.


Sep 20, 2020


 Whats going on in India with Covid?


 A dive club Christmas doo way back at the Mount.

You have to love the meter board, Santa with murder in his eyes and young Paul wide eyed with it all.


Sep 18, 2020

Burger Bar

 Early 80's. Main road the Mount.

We loved these original burger bars. The best place to go after the pub or a late night party.


Hewlett's Road Mt Maunganui early 80's. Locals will appreciate the difference between then and now!

Sep 16, 2020

Nana Di

From the family perspective this is an unusual photo.
Robyn's mum, Di, with Paul.
Di was not one to be in the spotlight and lived a fairly reclusive life in her later days.
A little old school in some respects and was somewhat taken back when Robyn introduced me and she learnt about my earlier life. But as years went on we got on well and I respected and liked her a lot.


Sep 15, 2020

Solar Power

 In 20 years time power poles will be a forgotten part of history. Not too soon in my view.

One Hundred and Five Years. The Mount

Ocean Beach Side Mt Maunganui

I have a fascination for the Mount and have watched and been part of its growth over the past 50 years or more. Here is a reminder of that progress.

Circa 1915-20


I took this in 1983. Locals will notice the Oceanside Hotel, Marine land and the Sound Shell

I took the next few pictures on Sunday

Sep 13, 2020

Back Then

Me, mum, Lyn 
Must be 68 years ago. Taken in Nelson before we came to Tauranga
This is Beach Rd Otumoetai Tauranga. I was 6 or so, second from the left. 1956 with our neighbours kids. We had fun on the beach. Amazing that we walk past this beach almost daily as this only half a K from where we live now.


Tauranga This Morning

Grey Street. Looking very tropical
Spring Street and the old Trust Power building starting deconstruction.


Sep 10, 2020

Circa 1983

 My company car. Robyn taking a lunch break out of the boot!
Meanwhile her son is in the car starvingšŸ˜…
Old ketch and fisher people Tauranga harbour
Hewlett's Road Mt Maunganui well before the harbour bridge was opened. This load looks very 1980's

Sep 7, 2020

Mk1 Ford Consul 1954

 Long abandoned and well used by the looks.

Great Barrier Island!

Sweden Covid

 They have taken the herd immunity approach.

Maybe its working. Yes, they have has 85,000 cases and 5800 deaths but it looks like it is slowly going away without any lockdowns. Question is, if it is working, was it worth it? Their population is just over double NZ and our death rate is 24 so far. 

Sep 3, 2020

Electric Innovation

 I can see this catching on.


Farmers Building

Corner of Elizebeth and Devonport Rds' Tauranga
Great to see building this finally moving upward.
Lots of steel. Good for our business supplying corrosion and fireproofing coatings.


Sep 1, 2020


Not the thing to do in 2020 but in 1910 it must have been ok!
This picture is disturbing.

 And likewise with this Sunfish during the 1930's in Tauranga