Sep 22, 2017

Thomas. His Photographs

The story.
Thomas is 9 years old and keen on photography.
He wanted Pop and him to go out and take pictures.
So early one Sunday off we went. Thomas with one of my cameras with a wide angle lens and I took one as well with the same set up so we could share ideas and perspectives on a range of subjects.
After a few pointers from the old boy these are the shots Thomas took!

Dec 2014

With some work mates at our Xmas party.
Maree, Christine, Kellee and ?

Sep 14, 2017

Jay With His Swimming Buddies

 Some of these kids are amazing. Been doing this since they were 6 months old.
Jay is a recent addition to the team but getting there.
Of course one of the parents have to be in there as well. Thank god we never had to do all this stuff with our kids. To busy out diving!
Thought the black tunnel!

Sep 13, 2017

Tauranga Harbour January 2013

Early morning arrival through the entrance into the harbour from the Pacific. We take these large passenger ships for granted now. When they first came into the harbour I could not stop looking at them. So spectacular.
 Later in the day this traveling catamaran. 

Sep 8, 2017

Various From 2012

 Mount surf event
 Damn that looks dangerous!
 A drunk Leprechaun

Sep 2, 2017

Jay Today

Doing our weekend tour around town.
Cool gear. Sorry about not pulling down the trouser legs mum!