Aug 30, 2012

Test Rugby

Australia V New Zealand
 Bledisloe Cup
0-0 at this point but at the end it was 0-22 to NZ the first time in 50 years that Australia did not score in a test match against NZ. While not big rugby fans we did have a few cold ones around the tele for this match.

Ideal Perch

Kingfishers sit on this T perch on the mudflats and wait for an unsuspecting crab then they drop in the blink of an eye for the kill. This one caught mid drop.

Aug 24, 2012

Male Show Off

This male Pheasant in full spring colours was strutting around the Mount fields this evening.

Grace & Gran

Grace with "her" Gran (Marg)

Aug 22, 2012


Is the doctor there? How the hell do you work this thing?

Aug 19, 2012

Morning Mist Scene Rotorua

The Bath House Rotorua

The Bath House, which today houses Rotorua Museum of Art & History was once a spa which offered therapeutic treatments. It is a monument to the New Zealand Government's first major commitment to the tourist industry and is a readily recognised symbol of the city. 
This is a spectacular building that we tend to take for granted. Click on the picture for a larger version.

Remote Controling People

Outside cafe Hanoi Auckland. The girl on the right discovers a new function on her phone!
God help us all.....

Aug 15, 2012

But She Hates Dogs?

This shot arrived in my email from Ky's. Grace has been really scared of dogs to the point of distraction.
This came about from an unfortunate encounter with a dog who jumped up on her when she was younger.
But recently she has got to spend time with little Penny and I suspect things are changing

Bus Stop, Bus Go

Richie & Buddy

Billboard from a current TV ad series where a competition is being run to share some time with the All Blacks, very funny with a cringe factor built in.

Aug 14, 2012

Between Showers

Weeks of rain here. It only needs to clear for a couple of hours and people appear at the harbors edge.

Aug 12, 2012

The Chase

Young Soldiers Remembered USA

Old Soldiers Graves In Tauranga

This grave caught my eye because Corporal Joe Bradley died or was killed at TePapa aged 86 while he was still enlisted. He joined the company in  1855 when  he was 77! He was born in Manchester England in 1778 and was a Fitter by trade. I can't imagine anyone joining the army at that age.
The grave and the memorial are at the Tauranga Mission Cemetery.
The cemetery is thought to contain the remains of about 100 imperial and colonial troops and 14 Māori warriors who died while on active service in the Tauranga district during the New Zealand Wars. Fewer than half of the graves are marked with headstones or ground plaques.



Thomas, Jenna, Grace
Thanks for the shot Ky's

Aug 11, 2012

They Are Multiplying!

While I can't stand graffiti this has a certain "professional" edge to it.
Found under the Tauranga harbour bridge.

Looks Fake

It is!
Not much on right at this moment so just playing.

Aug 8, 2012