Jan 25, 2010

Golden Bay. Collingwood.

Digital Photo-Painting. Boats at low tide Aorere River with the Burnett Range in the background.
Click on the photo to see a bigger version.

Kiwi Bungy. My crazy son Rob throws himself off a cliff!

Retro Signage

I really enjoy looking at some of the old world signage especially out of the 40's and 50's from USA.
It seems this period is influential  in current design.
Here is an example and to see more click on the Title above.

Jan 18, 2010


Have you seen these people that dress themselves up in all sorts of gear then stand perfectly still on the kerb side?  The people you would love to really have a good look at but just can't bring yourself to in case they "expect money" or worse still somehow make a total *rse of you!
Well here is a good old close-up look for one. (You are watching a movie here by the way...good eh?)

 This guy was doing an amazing job and the money was coming in nicely. Then just as he was settling down for another hour of total stillness.....HELLO along comes competition!

Happy Birthday Link...1963 was a good year but not for YOU!

I was rummaging around and found a baby picture of my little sister (In full colour below). Shame to say she has put on a few years since then and I can't bare to show a more recient shot!
Happy Birthday Link ya old #*$%@

Jan 16, 2010

Takaka. Merino Wool.

Timeless Creations.
Robyn having a good old chinwag with Maurice the man who makes all the garments.

Jan 13, 2010

Books on Holiday

For me it's holiday time. That's time to catch up with all the home repairs, do some photography, enjoy the outdoors and of course try to read a few books. I have 4 on the go right now. Yeah I know...overkill. Whats new?
So here are the books.
- Richard Branson, Business Stripped Bare. (An excellent and inspirational read)
- Linwood Barclay, Fear the Worst. (A great thriller, easy read. Like J Patterson but more believable)
- Karren Warren, Rolling Stones. (Not the rock group. Its all about the formation of the worlds largest boulder bank right here in NZ)
- Frank Hampson, Dan Dare-Pilot of the future. (Seriously!)
When I was a small kid in the early to late 50's I loved this comic. It was futuristic, about space and aliens and the hero Dan Dare. You can imagine what a shock I got to find a reprinted set of the comics in a hard cover book. They were selections from the exact period I recall. So its been a fun read. OMG some of the stuff is so corny its unbelieveble. They were made in the UK so that too brings a differerent element especially with their speech and sayings. Anyway it turns out that I am not the only old guy who remembers these stories. Hence the book and several others like it. This will stay in my library for the grandkids to laugh about in years to come.