Jun 29, 2013

Jun 28, 2013

Chinese Dunny!

Ya just have to do it. This replica one seater long drop is from the very old days of the Otago goldfields and was in the old Chinese village at Arrowtown. This is us straining to keep our composure while our pic was taken by a fellow visitor. Hold it where is the damn door?

Old Shack Arrowtown

Tucked away in a bleak autumn woodland setting in Arrowtown NZ

Jun 27, 2013

Max Queenstown

On a wet night this NZ fashion label retailers display cut through the gloom
Click for larger image

1873 First Church Of Otago

Built from Oamaru Limestone this beautiful 140 year old Dunedin church is impressive with the 60 meter high spire and the lovely wooden interiors and ceilings.
I see the plaque on the entrance says founded 1848 but the records say opened 1873.
I guess both dates are correct. Perhaps the building started at the earlier date.

Jun 26, 2013

Saturday Race With Export Logs On Wharf

Ok the race is one thing but to me the logs in the background are a flashback to 30 years ago when the wharf was totally buried in logs ready for export. I think its a good return. Not totally convinced as not a lot of value add for NZ exporting logs versus finished wood and paper products.

Remember Summer?

Beautiful main beach Mt Maunganui

Jun 25, 2013

Xmas Memories

 It seems a long time since these snaps were taken of the kids getting ready for the big day.

Oamaru New Zealand Historic Building Fronts

Harbour/Tyne St area of historic buildings. 
Originating from the first European settlers using quarried local limestone.
It was a wet cold winters day but these beautiful old building fronts stood out to me and stood proud even after 140 years of seaside conditions. While it was a desert in regard to visitors we enjoyed a look around and coffee and toasted sandwich by the fire in one of the quaint little cafe's

Jun 24, 2013

Super Moon Setting

Last night's super moon was amazingly bright and beautiful. Probably as close to the earth as the moon gets. Watch out for the king tides next couple of days. Here it is setting into the south west this morning.

Jun 23, 2013

Pilot Bay

A really chilly grey old day at Pilot Bay but this did not stop one guy hitting the water and trying out some pretty good moves using the southerly that came in across the harbour. Click on images for larger view.

City Of Contrasts

Christchurch now a city of quite extreme contrasts. This shot was taken in the downtown area where restoration, new construction and demolition are all happening simultaneously..

Opera House Sydney

Rob On Sydney Waterfront

Jun 22, 2013

Seen Enough

Christchurch Cathedral. A painful sight for locals and tourists who have enjoyed this beautiful old building for decades.
Now the center of debate as to pull it down or try to rebuild it. The earthquake aftermath lives on...

Remarkable Queenstown Scenery

The Remarkables in the background on the eastern shores of Queenstown really show off the mountainous terrain of the area. The buildings on the shore line in the foreground are even dwarfed by the relatively small hillside they are built on.  
Enlargement of the houses from the image above

Chinese Village Arrowtown

Digital painting of small houses restored/rebuilt to show the living conditions of the Chinese workers who worked the goldfields and rivers in central Otago.

Jun 19, 2013

Lewis Pass

Even on a sunny winters day mid afternoon the river bank is frozen in shaded spots.

Searle Lane Bar

Back street bar in Queenstown
Taken with my iPhone at night

Jun 18, 2013

The Strictly Coffee Company

Dunedin's worst kept secret great coffee place.
Just one minute from the Octagon this was a fantastic little place to come for a great coffee and friendly people. Easily missed but highly recommended.  Hunt it down.

Moeraki Boulders

Click for large image
These beautiful boulders are between the low tide and the clay bank on the KoeKohe beach in Otago New Zealand.
It was a really dull day with rain and low light so I have enhanced the picture to try and compensate.
These are a tourist attraction and as I approached from about a kilometer down the beach there were at least 20 Japanese visitors milling around them and I was convinced it was a ruined expedition. But as luck would have it they all decided to move off in one large bunch and I was left alone...yes!
Formed over some 5 million years from Mud, Silt, Clay and all stuck together with Calcite they seem to have tumbled out of the clay bank and on to the beach.

Jun 17, 2013

Trip Down South

More to come.
Christchurch earthquake victim and testimony to the strength to stand in the face of amazing odds
 Rob in Central Otago. The colour of the background so typical of the area

Jun 10, 2013

Where On Earth Is Tempe?

Pronounced Temp E (Not the French way).
Knowing this can make the difference between getting a result of a blank stare when asking for directions to this little rail station out by Sydney airport.

Spectacular Sky

Right out our back door

Jun 9, 2013

Dusk Over The Harbour

Sunrise From Top Of Mauao

3rd June at 8.13am 232 meters above the sea
A brief glimpse of the sun was enough to light up the sky and start the day here in Tauranga

 Like a mini Stonehenge