Jan 28, 2018

Long Shot

15 Months ago I took up target shooting with the ambition of going long range with rounds I made myself. I spent this time building up experience and experimenting with dozens of different combinations of bullet components and rifle set up and shooting practice. After becoming fairly confident at 300m out at the range Robyn and I went to see Francie and Rob on their farm for a catch up but also to try a 500m shot or three. (Thanks for a great morning you two by the way)
Thanks to Francie for taking the pics.
The target site looking back to the firing position (white arrow)
 The team (plus photographer) plus the targets. We had two 1 1/2 litre cokes, Puff the inflatable and a target board with five targets attached each 8 inches or 200mm in diameter.
 Back across to the set up.
 So much gear!
 Ruger Precision Rifle (6.5 Creedmoor) with NightForce scope
 Result. Three shots on the centre 8in target with one in the bull.
 Everything else destroyed. (I recall one maybe two misses)
I was lucky with the wind and the great place to do the job.
Good team effort. 1km now the new objective.

Jan 24, 2018

Castle Point Again

Last week the NZ Herald announced the best beach in NZ as voted by their readers.
Yes, Castle Point!
The day we were there was wet and overcast some of the time. But it is a very special place.
 Almost from the 60's
Serious trailer boats
 A grey day to start with.
 The main beach
 23 meters high, built in 1913 and was fully automated in 1988.
 Could not resist this angle shot.
 Overall perspective.
Note the lagoon by the shark fin shaped rock. This is very accessible except at high tide.
Beautiful clean sand, not sea lettuce! A great place to swim.
Fossil shells everywhere and very unusual rock formations
Fossils in the rocks

 So rugged
 The lagoon. Note the vehicles.
 It is dangerous.! So of course we went to see it! (As you do...)
 Sure enough we were not alone.
And yes the occasional wave splashed over the rocks even at this height and on a calm day.

 Also almost from the 60's. It all seems to work..

Tree Top Walk

Located in the Whakarewarewa forest.
This attraction is part of the redwoods experience in Rotorua.
The walkways are suspended up in the cedars and pines and is about 500 meters long.
It was raining the day we walked it but well worth a look. $25 for adults.
Apparently the night time walk is spectacular as its all lit from below and above.

 Rob over one of the glass observation ports. Too chicken to put both feet on!
 Typical of most of the bridges you cross between trees.
 It was rather wet. But still very enjoyable.
There were visitors there from USA, Japan, France and Germany. Well as far as I could tell from their accents anyway.

Jan 21, 2018

Tauranga Air Show

Never had much time for pics but got a few.
A very old Vampire warms up
 Grenade launcher (Gun and guy)
 Nice display from this jet

 Jay and Nana
 Awesome display by the air force

 Jay getting ready to go with T shirt stuck on noggin
 Lewi looking on
 Jay with massive helicopter display behind

 With his favourite biplane

Jan 18, 2018

Castle Point New Zealand

A rugged and beautiful place.
Rob and I spent the day exploring the area. So I have lots of shots to process and post.
Rob, fairly impressed.

Who Would Have Thought?

Example of imaginative parking at the mount this summer.

Jan 16, 2018

Birthday Buzz

Francie and Rob with Robbie the chopper.
Awesome present from Rob to my little sis for her 70th birthday...(Just kidding, she's just a young'un)

Jan 9, 2018


From 2011
Tauranga historic village.
(One of many old photoshop abstracts I was into then)
And the church