Nov 27, 2012

Tauranga Harbour

click on photo for larger view
Mauao (Mt Maunganui) on the left Radiance of the Seas on the right

Our Westerly Outlook

Some very cool clouds over Fergusson Park
Tauranga new Zealand

Nov 25, 2012

The Duomo

 From Rob & Sarah's world trip.
This is Florence's Cathedral. Buildings started in the 13th century and finished in the 19th!
Rob said the detail in the structure was amazing

Red Hot Poker

Nov 14, 2012

Today's Partial Solar Eclipse

Seen from Tauranga New Zealand between 10.28am and 11.44am.
Time between the top photo and the bottom one is approximately 17 minutes 

Note spots!

Nov 5, 2012


Impossible conditions, dark, 20 knot westerly and cold. Great!
 Grace & Thomas with sparklers

Nov 4, 2012

Nov 3, 2012