Jul 26, 2021


You seldom see these emotions in male politicians. But lately the girls have been wearing a lot of emotional faces. Let's face it they have good reasons to. Especially our PM with the ChCh Earthquake recovery, the mosque massacre and the entire Covid saga to name a few challenges.

NSW Premier, Gladys
NZ PM, Jacinda


Jul 24, 2021

Odd Photo Opportunities Today

No disrespect to the lady on the phone but I could not resist adding the fourth person.
Reflective windows
Corys, opposite the 'Red Shed' (Warehouse) that has just had a fresh coat of paint.


That Was Then

Check out the full story at the awkward.com link below. It will shock....

The Link

Jul 19, 2021


Jay and Lewi had trims yesterday. They are growing up.

Jay kite flying at Fergi

Jul 18, 2021

Off To School

 Ken and Coll off to the convent (St Mary's). This is 'the' only time Ken looked reasonably respectable in his entire school life. 😅. I have no idea what was in these bags we took to primary school these days.

Love the roman sandals....

Cousins. Early 80's

 I had a request from my bro for a few old pictures of his boys and ours.

Uncle Jack in glasses

Jul 12, 2021